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For brochures and manuals – the MANN+HUMMEL Air Filtration Americas download center offers you a variety of information on our different products and applications. 

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Filters Solutions for Virus-Free Air



ProPocket Elite

ProPocket Ultra

ProPocket Dual Ultra

ProPocket Hybrid


ProCell Plus ASHRAE



Microlock ASHRAE TML Holding Frame

Microlock ASHRAE TM8 Holding Frame

Microlock ASHRAE FB Housing

Microlock ASHRAE VB Housing

Microlock SA Housing


Select Pads & Rolls

SelectHH Pads & Rolls

Tri-Dek PBP

ProMetal MWA & MWG

ProMetal PHF & PHFB

ProMetal MSG & MSS

ProMetal ECA








High Purity Filters

Microbarrier HEPA/HEPAMAX

Microbarrier HEPA/HEPAMAX HT


Microbarrier HEPAMAX 2000/2400

Microbarrier 95

Microbarrier 95XL/95XL MAX

Microbarrier 95XL MAX MP


Microclass Panel

Microclass GSR

Microclass GSR2


Microlock HEPA Holding Frame

Microlock HEPA SA Bolt Lock Housings

Microlock HEPA SA Crank Lock Housings

Microlock HEPA Bag In/Bag Out

Microlock Dampers

Microlock Low Wall Return


Molecular Filters

MC ProCell 50/50

MC Procell15


MC Microlock Housings





MC Select Series

MC Bulk Carbon

MC Media Pads & Rolls



Tri-Dek Carbon Panel/Links

MC Tri-Dek Cube



ProCell Plus HT

Microbarrier HEPA/HEPAMAX HT


ProCell Plus MIF


ProPocket Elite OM

Microbarrier 95XL MAX MP


Tri-Dek Panels

Tri-Dek Cubes

Tri-Dek TR-1 (pads, rolls & panels)

Tri-Dek D700

Tri-Dek D800

Tri-Dek D900

Tri-Dek Cube 319

Tri-Dek Cube 319 Plus

ProPocket Ultra 319

ProPocket Dual Ultra 85 319

ProPocket Dual Ultra 95 319

TL6 Ultra 319