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Box Filters

MANN+HUMMEL Air Filtration Americas offers a wide range of rigid, extended surface box filters. ProCell box filters offer a stable and secure media pack and a long service life making them a great choice for medium to high efficiency applications. Options in our ProCell box filters include fiberglass and synthetic medias with a large range in sizes, and frame options available. Efficiencies range from MERV 15 to MERV 11.

ProCell Elite

ProCell Elite

  • Fiberglass media
  • Mechanical filtration
  • Rigid construction for use in VAV systems
  • MERV 14 to MERV 11 efficiency

ProCell Ultra

  • Single and no-header frame options
  • Synthetic media
  • Available efficiences from MERV 14 to MERV 11
  • Rigid construction for use in VAV systems
ProCell Plus ASHRAE

ProCell Plus ASHRAE

  • Glass microfiber media
  • Glavanized frame standard
  • Metal media separators
  • Available efficiencies from MERV 14 to MERV 11

ProCell Plus HT

  • For high temperature applications
  • Available MERV 14 and MERV 11 efficiencies
  • Single and double header models available 
  • Up to 900° F

ProCell Plus MIF

  • Machine intake filter
  • MERV 14 and MERV 11
  • Glass microfiber media
  • For use in centrifugal compressors and gas turbines