Air Filter Housings

For safe and optimum performance as well as simple installation and removal

Installation frames for air filters

  • Quick and easy filter replacement
  • Compatible with a wide range of air filters
  • Stable, compact design
  • Non-standard sizes to fit any aperture also available
  • Application: HVAC, Clean Room, Industry and Power Generation

Nanoclass Safe Change Housing Systems

  • Protects maintenance staff and the surrounding environment from contamination during filters changes
  • Particularly suited for extract systems handling contaminated air
  • Modular design is flexible for different system configurations and air flow capacities
  • Integrated filter sealing faces to ensure high degree of flatness
  • All units pressure or vacuum tested upon request
  • All connecting flanges pre-drilled ready for installation into ductwork systems
  • Unique cam locking mechanism prevents access door(s) from being closed unless the filters are sealed
  • Twin stainless steel cam bars accurately position filters and provide even gasket compression

Nanoclass Terminal Housings

  • Housings with integrated EPA, HEPA or ULPA filters
  • Provide air filtration and distribution in one unit
  • Multiple sizes and combinations
  • Tested for leaks according ISO 29463-5
  • Pressure drop measurement from clean room side

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