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Pre-filters: Reliable protection of higher quality air filters from coarse dirt

As a rule, air pollution does not only mean viruses, bacteria, allergens or fine dust circulating in the air. Coarse dust is also part of the problem. And even if it rarely becomes dangerous to humans due to its size, it can clog or damage fine dust filters.

MANN+HUMMEL is your expert for effective and sustainable prefiltration. Our pre-filters incorporate all our know-how from more than 80 years of leadership in filtration. That is why our pre-filters so effectively and reliably separate the useful from the harmful. They trap large particles such as textile fibers, sand, insects, pollen, soot or hair, ensuring even more effective filtration of polluted air. Primarily, pre-filters are used first in a filter system, to prevent contaminants reaching and damaging the higher-quality filter medium behind them (such as high efficiency air filters or fine dust filters). Another benefit of our pre-filters: High dust holding capacity with low pressure drop means additional energy savings.

The advantages of our pre-filters at a glance:

  • High dust holding capacity ensures optimum unit protection
  • High airflow rate
  • High quality, efficient pre-filters extend the service life of all filter stages
  • Energy cost reduction thanks to state-of-the-art media and pre-filter features
  • Certified pre-filters for increased safety and performance
  • Can also be used in explosive areas (ATEX)

Are you interested in high-quality HVAC and AHU filters? Would you like to rely on comprehensive protection, high energy efficiency and proven reliability? Find more details about our air filters in our product brochure - or contact us here. Together we will find the right solution for your needs. 

What is a pre-filter?

Pre-filters (also known as pre-cleaners) act as the first stage of filtration, protecting the high-quality fine dust filters or high-efficiency filters behind them from contamination by hair, textile fibers or soot. By removing these coarse dirt particles at the air inlet, pre-filters increase overall air filter performance and efficiency and contribute to the longevity of filter systems .

Reliable pre-filters against coarse dirt 

For over 60 years, we have stood for air filtration of cleanroom quality. We combine innovation and experience to develop tailor-made solutions to protect high-quality filter elements. Our pre-filters are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. From filter media rolls that provide a cost-effective first stage of filtration to pleated panel filters that pack large filter areas into a compact frame. For effective air purification, our pre-filters are available as:

  • Filter mat
  • Filter fleece
  • Pocket filter
  • Panel filter
  • Compact filter
  • Filter cell

Use of a pre-filter: Advantages for main filters, units and air cleaners

A built-in pre-filter in a ventilation system has a number of advantages: As a dust eater with a high storage capacity, it ensures maximum system protection. This results in longer service lives of all filter stages - which means less maintenance effort and lower maintenance costs. Plus, the use of an air pre-filter extends and increases the filter performance of your ventilation system or mobile air purifier. This can save you energy and money.

Odor adsorption and reliable prefiltration of allergens also make our pre-cleaners relevant in all areas where many people come together - whether in restaurants, medical facilities or offices. Pre-filters with ATEX certification can also be used in potentially explosive environments to protect even highly specialized air filtration systems.