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Fine dust filters from MANN+HUMMEL: Efficiently extracts the smallest air particles

Why is fine dust so dangerous?

It is so tiny that we usually don't notice it with the naked eye, but we do breathe it in, anytime and anywhere. And the share of particulate matter in air pollution in urban and industrial areas is increasing worldwide. Which means, it represents one of the greatest global threats. The effects of fine dust on humans’ health and the natural world are immense: For example, the microscopic particles can trigger allergies and penetrate deep into the lungs - with drastic consequences. In addition, air pollution has been shown to significantly accelerate climate change. And increased fine dust pollution also poses a significant risk to sensitive equipment and machinery, as well as places where ultrapure air is needed, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry or in food production.

For over 80 years, MANN+HUMMEL has been providing filtration solutions for cleaner air, separating the useful from the harmful. With our highly efficient and sustainable fine dust filters, you can demonstrably ensure a long-term reduction in fine particle pollution indoors. Powerful outdoor air purifiers filter fine dust, nitrogen dioxide and other threats in heavily polluted outdoor areas.

Our fine dust extractors serve as final filters for HVAC and similar applications, or as pre-filters for EPA, HEPA or ULPA high efficiency filters in ultraclean working environments. 

Benefits of MANN+HUMMEL fine dust filters at a glance

Our fine dust filters are used to separate airborne particles of the PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 fractions, which means they reliably and sustainably filter soot, cement dust, spores and larger bacteria. They typically feature either a mini-pleated filter media in a variety of frame shapes or are formed into bags in a bag filter. For additional information and advice from our filtration experts, get in touch with us here!

Filtration solutions in a variety of frame shapes

MANN+HUMMEL fine dust filtration solutions effectively and efficiently reduce fine dust emissions in indoor areas. They are available in various dimensions and types:

  • Pocket filter
  • Panel filter
  • Compact filter
  • V-Filter
  • Filter cell
  • Round filter
  • Wedge-shaped filters

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Effective fine dust extractors separate even the tiniest particles in the air

What is fine dust? To understand why protection against this often tiny threat is so important, we must first understand the definition of fine dust:

Particulate matter (abbreviated to PM) is part of airborne dust. These are particles that circulate in the air for some time before sinking to the ground. They are divided into different fractions depending on the size of the dust particles. These fractions are used to determine or measure limit values. The abbreviation PM is always followed by a value that indicates the diameter in micrometers:

  • PM10 are all pollutants in the air whose aerodynamic diameter is smaller than 10 micrometers. They are usually referred to as fine dust.
  • PM2.5 are the even finer particles whose aerodynamic diameter is less than 2.5 micrometers.
  • PM1 describes particles with a diameter of less than 1 micrometer, and so on.
  • Finally, extremely small particles, whose size can be even less than 100 nanometers, are called ultrafine particles , ultrafine particulate matter or ultrafine dust (UFP).

Despite the often prescribed international particulate matter limits, emissions cannot be completely avoided. And when we ventilate with open doors and open windows, particulate matter and other threats from outside enter the interior - the concentration of pollutants in the air increases tremendously.

In urban areas, in particular, fine dust levels indoors can often be up to five times higher than outdoors. With a fine dust filter from MANN+HUMMEL, you can ensure the long-term and sustainable protection of people, nature and machines. 

What causes particulate matter and how is fine dust created?

Fine particles in the air are primarily caused by human activity. Originators of emissions are, for example, engines and brakes, industrial units, heaters, fireplaces and much more. They eject soot, dust and other pollutants into the air every day - where these suspended particles collect and eventually form a haze that is known as fine dust. The concentration of fine dust particles in the air is therefore enormous, especially in densely populated regions and industrial areas.

MANN+HUMMEL fights against air pollution caused by fine dust with highly effective filters. For over 60 years, we have stood for pure air of cleanroom quality. We offer the best solutions against fine dust indoors.

With our high-performance air filters for various applications, you can rely on sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Our filtration solutions are designed for the long term and protect people, the environment and machinery from airborne threats, now and in the future.

Sustainable and economical: Air filtration with MANN+HUMMEL

Rising energy costs and high emissions are now part of our everyday lives. MANN+HUMMEL air cleaners and air filters for fine dust work energy-efficiently and sustainably in reducing air pollution. This allows you to save energy and reduce costs while providing comprehensive protection for people and machinery.

Plus, our filtration solutions can always be customized to meet your exact requirements - which can reduce production costs (and therefore upfront costs). Owners of HVAC systems in particular can always trust in best-in-class consultancy around energy efficiency from our experts. We simulate energy consumption based on measured particle concentrations of the outside air in the respective region. This means we can precisely determine which filtration solutions will best filter the air sustainably and with optimum energy efficiency.

With our certified fine dust filtration solutions, cleaner air is possible everywhere

MANN+HUMMEL fine dust extractors are not only effective in offices, educational institutions or private facilities. Tested and Eurovent-certified, our fine dust collectors are also ideally suited for high-temperature applications, hygiene and fire protection or ATEX areas (potentially explosive environments). This means, they can reliably remove fine dust over the long term, even in challenging environments.

We can always find product solutions for your individual needs. We also offer options for retrofitting your existing HVAC system with modern MANN+HUMMEL fine dust filters. Our solutions are cost-efficient, future-proof and easy.

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