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Air filters from MANN+HUMMEL: Effective and energy-efficient

Whether in workshop environments, in the office, at home or in public areas, air pollution is a constant threat that can trigger numerous diseases. From coronaviruses to fine dust and bacteria to ozone and methane, protection against pollutants and harmful gasses in the air is essential for social interaction, economic success and a cleaner planet.

Air filters and air filtration systems from MANN+HUMMEL protect people, the environment and machines from threats in the air. For over 80 years, we have stood for leadership in filtration as an air filter manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art, pioneering air filters effectively separate the useful from the harmful. At the same time, they are particularly efficient - representing a great economic advantage in times of rising energy prices. 

The advantages of air filters at a glance:

  • Groundbreaking filtration for allergen-, odor- and virus-free rooms
  • Highest separation efficiency with very low energy consumption
  • Sustainable production methods to reduce environmental impact, at low upfront costs
  • Certified air filters, with scientifically proven performance
  • Can be combined to form comprehensive air filtration systems
  • Advance energy consultations to calculate and significantly reduce overall energy costs in the building
  • Cover all areas of application (from coarse dust filters to HEPA air filters and ATEX filters)
  • Ensure cleanroom air quality in highly sensitive environments
  • Special designs possible at any time
  • Available in various filter classes

MANN+HUMMEL air filters can be used as original equipment. We offer standardized solutions as well as special designs for individual requirements. This allows us to address any specific challenge and provide filtration solutions that fit. Our vision: Cleaner air for everyone. Everywhere and at all times.

A comprehensive range of filters

ATEX filters

Approved air filters for explosive atmospheres



First stage in a filter system to protect higher-quality fine dust filters


Fine dust filters

Used as final filters in ultra-clean environments or similar applications


High efficiency air filters

Protection of people in applications such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical research or processes


Power generation filters

Protection of equipment like gas turbines from airborne contaminants that can
cause fouling or damage


Molecular air filters

Use of an activated carbon media to remove gaseous pollutants from an air flow


Air filter housings

For safe and optimum performance as well as simple installation and removal


Customized air filter systems for individual challenges

Customers worldwide place their trust in our air filters. For over 60 years, MANN+HUMMEL has stood for pure air in cleanroom quality. As a leader in air filtration, we equip airports and hospitals, the automotive sector, pharmaceuticals and heavy industry, construction and waste management, public and private buildings, schools, kindergartens, the food & drinks industry, supermarkets, catering facilities, fitness studios and many other customers and partners with high-performance, innovative and, above all, sustainable filtration solutions. Each product in our range is developed with decades of application know-how to meet the exact needs of our customers.

Our goal is clear: We separate the useful from the harmful. For the ultimate protection of people, machines and the environment. Today and in the future.

The MANN+HUMMEL portfolio offers certified air filters for safe indoor air technology. From filters for potentially explosive environments to a variety of different pre-filters, we ensure cleaner air in private, industrial, commercial and public spaces. 

The MANN+HUMMEL range at a glance:

The right air filter type for every application

Depending on the application, you can equip your air filtration systems with different filter types. Our filters are available as: 

In addition, you will also find compact filters, V-filters and filter cells in our filter range. Discover our entire air filter portfolio here.

MANN+HUMMEL air filters for mobile room air cleaners and air filtration systems

Aerosol pollution is a significant threat in large rooms filled with many people. The function of an air filter is clear: To effectively filter viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants and harmful gasses from the air.

Our air filters also help with allergies and are designed to remove pollen and house dust allergens. Our filter systems protect children, seniors and people who are unwell from air pollution in sensitive facilities such as schools, nursing homes or hospitals. Activated carbon filters ensure odor-free air.

Our customers can rely on two approaches:

First, existing HVAC systems and similar applications can be equipped with powerful high-efficiency HEPA H14 air filters as original equipment or retrofitted. Whether ATEX or pre-filters, fine dust filters or molecular filters, if you have an HVAC system, upgrades with modern air filters from MANN+HUMMEL can provide groundbreaking and long-term protection.

Our experts are available to assist you with HVAC system upgrades and retrofits via our energy savings consultancy service. Our specially designed algorithm calculates the total costs of the most common filtration products. Which means, you can find out what our filters can do, how much energy they can save - and which setup makes the most sense - before contemplating costly (new) installations.


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