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Save energy in food production with our innovative air filtration solutions

Optimising energy consumption has become a key challenge for companies aiming to operate more sustainably and cost-efficiently. This is also true for food producers. For instance, a confectionery manufacturer in Germany significantly reduced its energy consumption and energy costs by upgrading its ventilation systems with the Airpocket Eco filters from MANN+HUMMEL:

  • Energy consumption reduced by over 440,000 kWh per year
  • Energy costs reduced by over € 110,000 per year
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 93 tonnes per year

"A simple filter change could reduce the customer's energy costs by over 110,000 euros per year."

The customer: A food manufacturer on the road to greater energy efficiency

A renowned German confectionery manufacturer, employing 7,000 staff and operating multiple international production sites, approached MANN+HUMMEL as it wanted to enhance the efficiency of its air filtration technology. The overall aims of this optimisation process were to lower energy costs and increase energy efficiency, all without compromising the air quality in its food production facilities.

The challenge: Increasing efficiency while reducing energy costs in food production

Due to the stringent legal requirements for ventilation systems and the production environment within the food industry, a specialised filtration solution was necessary to enable energy-efficient, clean food production. The most important criteria were:

  • Handling large particle quantities, efficient management of substances such as sugar and other dusts
  • Managing high airflows, capable of handling air volumes as high as millions of cubic metres per hour
  • Cost efficiency and quality, lowering costs while ensuring consistently high air quality

The solution: The Airpocket Eco filter by MANN+HUMMEL

For this specific case, MANN+HUMMEL determined a bespoke, customised solution using its innovative Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool. This tool enabled the exact calculation of the optimum filter configuration with the best possible energy efficiency for the customer during food production. Typically, switching to an energy-efficient air filter requires no structural modifications, making it one of the simplest and most effective methods to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems. The choice was made for our Airpocket Eco filter, one of the most energy-efficient products on the market. The advantages are clear:

  • Air filter with an extremely low energy consumption
  • Reduces the overall energy consumption of the HVAC system
  • Top rated product with an incredible A+ rating energy class
  • Fully versatile – available in eight different sizes and in various degrees of efficiency

"Following the success of the project at its German plant, the customer decided to implement energy-saving filters from MANN+HUMMEL in all of its air handling units worldwide."

The result: Significant energy savings within the food industry without ever compromising on quality

The results following the installation of the Airpocket Eco significantly exceeded the customer's expectations in the very first year. With a total saving of 442,029 kWh per year, energy costs were reduced by an amazing 110,507 euros, and CO2 emissions were cut by a staggering 93,352 kg per year. Based on these convincing results, the customer decided to roll out the successful solution from MANN+HUMMEL and equip all of their air handling units with Airpocket Eco filters over the next two years.

By doing so, our customer is sending a clear signal worldwide of its commitment to greater sustainability and energy efficiency in food production.

Your partner for highly energy-efficient filter solutions in the food production

MANN+HUMMEL has been a key leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative air filtration solutions for over 80 years. With more than 80 locations worldwide and a team of 22,222 experts, we provide our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for air and liquid filtration, extending well beyond just the food industry. 

Our customised filter solutions for food manufacturers' production facilities effortlessly meet the highest standards of hygiene, reliability, and energy efficiency. This is how we make a significant contribution to ensuring product safety, improving process efficiency, and reducing operating costs for our customers.

Our core competencies in demanding areas such as the food industry include:

  • Filtration of supply air and exhaust air in production areas
  • Protection of people, machines, and systems from harmful particles
  • Ensuring high air quality in cleanrooms
  • Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

We also offer our customers:

  • A comprehensive consultation process and first-class service
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of the filter systems
  • Fast and reliable delivery of spare parts

Contact us today to discover how we can enhance your operational processes, improve air quality, and help you achieve your environmental objectives. Explore our extensive product range in our filter catalogues for more detailed information.