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Discover how MANN+HUMMEL is providing HVAC filtration solutions at London Heathrow Airport for cleaner air, more sustainability and lower operating costs.

During and after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the London Heathrow airport – one of the UK's busiest international airports – faced the need to minimise its operating costs due to a temporary, sharp drop in passenger numbers. The airport management was faced with the tricky challenge of reducing these costs without compromising the high quality of its existing travel experience. They asked MANN+HUMMEL to develop a comprehensive service package for their entire air filtration management system, designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of regular airport inspections, maintenance, and energy consumption. The aim was to ensure that operational efficiencies were improved without sacrificing the high standards expected by travellers. Key benefits included:

  • A reduction in on-site warehouse management
  • Decreased purchasing requirements and orders
  • Fewer supplier interactions
  • Minimised operational disruptions
  • Streamlined supply chain interfaces
  • Supported by one single expert team, for both on-site and in security areas

"We successfully simplified and managed the ventilation system for the entire airport, saving the customer time, money, and hassle."

Engineering & Operations Manager – Heathrow Airport, London

The customer: The London Heathrow airport seeking advanced filtration solutions

Our client, the London Heathrow airport, ranks among the busiest in the world with four terminals. Its significant size and footfall underlines the importance of maintaining a sustainable, climate-friendly environment. It is absolutely vital in order to protect its 75,000 employees and 20 million annual passengers per year from harmful particulate matter, viruses, bacteria, and other air pollutants. Given the strict safety regulations, exhaustive health and safety guidelines, prolonged operating hours, and extensive facilities, managing the airport's ventilation poses a significant challenge.

The challenge: Enhancing the airport’s air conditioning systems and air quality

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a substantial challenge for our customer. Once passenger traffic returned to normal levels, there was an urgent need to minimise operating costs without compromising the quality of the travel experience. The airport's ventilation technology, including filter management and air conditioning systems, had been thoroughly tested and optimised for filter and energy efficiency, as well as air quality. Therefore, airport management was searching for a new, cost-effective solution to help protect both employees and travellers.

The solution: Tailored air filtration by MANN+HUMMEL

To devise a comprehensive air conditioning and ventilation management solution for the airport, MANN+HUMMEL collaborated with two local facility management companies. The outcome was a service package that addressed all facets of air pollution control with optimal cost-effectiveness:

  • The supply and installation of energy-efficient A+ filters

  • On-site storage of air filters
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of the ventilation systems
  • Continuous testing of the fire dampers
  • Monitoring and control of kitchen extractor systems

Central to this solution were the A+ certified Airpocket Eco filters from MANN+HUMMEL. These filters save up to 41 per cent in energy compared to standard filters and provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Further reduction in energy requirements while simultaneously maintaining consistently high air quality
  • Protecting the health and safety of passengers and staff
  • Enhancing the airport's sustainability through increased energy efficiency
  • A greatly extended service life

Despite previous optimisations, the comprehensive overhaul of several of the customer's air handling units proved to be a crucial step. We managed to further reduce energy consumption without compromising air quality. Overall, this solution created a win-win scenario for both the airport and the environment by seamlessly merging operational efficiency with sustainability and safety.

The result: Enhanced sustainability and optimal air quality at the airport

By modernising the airport’s filter management and ventilation systems, MANN+HUMMEL not only greatly enhanced air purity in the terminals but also significantly streamlined the processes involved in air pollution control. Procurement, air conditioning, and ventilation management have been hugely simplified, particularly as the customer now benefits from a single point of contact for all related matters. Key benefits included:

  • Cleaner air, free from aerosols, bacteria and other pollutants
  • Reduced administrative workload 
  • Smoother-running airport operations in security areas
  • Specialised team with at least twenty years of experience in the airport context
  • Greatly reduced operating costs due to the optimised processes

"Despite the complexity arising from multiple contracts with various facility management companies, MANN+HUMMEL has streamlined the process for the customer by providing a single contact for all matters."

Engineering & Operations Manager – Heathrow Airport, London

MANN+HUMMEL: Your partner for cleaner air and streamlined processes

With over 80 years of experience, MANN+HUMMEL has developed unrivalled expert capabilities in pioneering air filtration at airports and across a broad range of other applications. As a global leader in filtration, we are committed to securing a clean future through innovative solutions. Explore our range of EPA, HEPA*, and ULPA filters for public and private spaces today.

* in accordance with DIN ISO 29463 and EN 1822


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