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Industry trends within the air filtration market: Valuable insights from a distributor

For almost 25 years, WLF Filter 2000 has been an established distributor of air filters and filter systems with an impressive product portfolio. In addition to a wide selection of filter solutions for standard air filtration, the range also includes HEPA filters for cleanroom applications such as food & beverage, healthcare and microelectronics. Thanks to his experience with customers from various industries, owner Marc Wilhelm knows the latest industry trends and changes in the air filtration market:

  • Increased awareness of air quality
  • An enhanced focus on climate and environmental protection
  • A drive to reduce business costs
  • Improved energy efficiency with A+ class filters

"In recent years, awareness of air quality issues has significantly increased. Understanding the impact of poor air quality on individuals and the distinctions among air filters has become crucial for companies and operators of ventilation and air conditioning systems."

Marc Wilhelm, owner WLF Filter 2000

Filter efficiency in businesses: The critical need to improve air quality

WLF Filter 2000 has around 300 customers coming from a variety of industries. Since the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, owner Marc Wilhelm has observed a significant shift in demand and purchasing behaviour. Factors such as reducing the risk of infection and enhancing working conditions through clean air are becoming bigger priorities. Improving indoor air quality is now essential not just for sectors with stringent hygiene standards, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, or the food industry, but for all companies aiming to meet the needs of their customers and employees.

Energy-efficient filters for more sustainable air filtration

The rising adoption of air filter systems, coupled with escalating energy prices, is posing significant new challenges for companies, especially in terms of increased energy consumption. This impact is evident not only in terms of the increased carbon footprint but also the greater financial costs. This situation is driving the move towards energy-efficient filtration technologies that can reduce costs and the environmental impact.

Energy classification in air filtration: A+ filters by MANN+HUMMEL

"More and more customers of WLF Filter 2000 are opting for energy-saving filter solutions to reduce the energy consumption of their systems and installations. The proportion of A+ filters sold has almost doubled in recent years," reports Marc Wilhelm.

The decision to opt for high-efficiency, energy-saving air filters is motivated not just for economic reasons, but also for the ecological benefits they provide. Companies that have embraced this approach are convinced of the undeniable benefits of using A+ filters:

  • Up to 41 % energy savings compared to conventional standard filters
  • High cost savings aligned with greatly improved performance
  • Positive impact on the environment and climate due to significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Increased filter service life and performance
  • Beneficial contribution to environmental and climate protection, as well as future-proofing systems in readiness for upcoming environmental regulations

"Probably the biggest advantage of switching to energy-saving filters is the significant cost savings that can be achieved. An A+ filter saves up to 41 percent energy compared to a conventional standard filter. Customers are simply delighted with the performance and longevity of the energy-saving filters."

Marc Wilhelm, owner WLF Filter 2000

The future of air filtration is both sustainable and innovative

The increasing importance of clean air in companies and the challenges of modern air filtration require sustainable and innovative solutions. Through the continuous further development of filter media and components, MANN+HUMMEL is constantly creating new filtration solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. This not only reduces energy costs, but also supports customers' CSR goals.

"All those who have made the switch will not go back," emphasizes Marc Wilhelm.

MANN+HUMMEL: The filter expert for maximum energy and filter efficiency

With over 80 years of experience, MANN+HUMMEL stands out from the crowd as one of the world’s leading filter manufacturers, providing innovative filter solutions at more than 80 locations worldwide. This unrivalled, extensive reach enables us to provide companies with rapid, specially tailored, cost- and energy-efficient filter solutions, ensuring the highest possible standard of indoor air quality, sustainability, and environmental protection.


"Especially in the field of energy-saving filters, MANN+HUMMEL is in a league of its own and at the forefront of research."

Marc Wilhelm, owner WLF Filter 2000

Switch to an energy-saving air filter

MANN+HUMMEL are experts in energy efficient air filtration; that’s why we have a wider range of filter classes rated A+ than any other manufacturer. See below for our range of A+ and A-rated filters:

Discover the future of air filtration with MANN+HUMMEL – for clean air, satisfied customers, and your contribution to environmental protection. Contact us now for expert advice or explore our extensive range of filtration solutions in our filter catalogue.