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Air filtration solutions for clean air by MANN+HUMMEL Air Filtration

Clean air is essential to life

Clean air is essential to life

The human body can go three minutes without air. From harmful gases in our cities, to infectious viruses inside our homes, air pollution poses a major threat to our health, but also to our climate. By separating the useful from the harmful, we contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.

Energy efficient air filtration

On average, 50% of the energy use in a commercial building is spent on heating, cooling or moving air.

Of that, HVAC air filters installed in your air handling unit are responsible for around 16% of your total electricity bill.

Find out how to choose an energy efficient air filter and why this saves you money.

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Find out more about the world of air filtration

Dive into the world of filtration and learn more about how air filters work and how to find the right one, fine dust pollution,  important filtration classifications, studies, credentials and webinars


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