Filter Cubes

Filter Cubes provide clean air at pollution hotspots

Filter Cubes

The Air Purifier for Outdoors and Semi-Open Spaces

Many cities worldwide suffer from excessive air pollution. Sources such as road traffic and industrial plants cause high concentrations of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide. Busy roads are especially affected by high emission values, but pollution in underground railway stations from fine dust is also high.

Fine dust is harmful to human health. That is especially true with regard to the smallest particles (PM2.5), which can penetrate deep into the lungs and trigger illnesses. Nitrogen dioxide worsens allergies, damages the respiratory tract and can contribute to heart disease.

Using stationary filter systems such as Filter Cubes help to reduce the pollution levels at the respective location and make a contribution to protect health. Filters installed in filter columns reduce the local concentration of fine dust and nitrogen dioxide. Our technology can also be integrated in billboards for bus stops or railway stations.


Highlight include:

  • Binding of more than 80 percent of the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine dust
  • Particularly low drop in pressure with a low amount of energy
  • Three further developed Filter Cubes are able to clean 14,500 m³ of air every hour
  • Integrated sensors record air and weather data which are transferred to a cloud and analyzed


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