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NewsMetalworking PollutionWednesday - 10 April 2019Mitigating the health and safety risk - protecting your people from industrial pollution and PM1.NewsATEX-approved air filtersTuesday - 19 March 2019Key facts - a guide with an overview for an employer and/or building operator about the ATEX directives in relation to air filtration.NewsA system that can save you costsThursday - 07 February 2019ScandMist - the oil mist filtration system that can save you costsNewsCleaning up paint at a leading wheel manufacturerMonday - 07 January 2019Case study: MANN+HUMMEL solve excessive paint emissions in the discharge environment.NewsDepth loadingThursday - 03 January 2019Depth loading offers longer service life and higher performance. Why is that?NewsFrom cradle to graveMonday - 17 December 2018Air pollution affects nearly every inhabitant of this planet - old, young and everywhere in between.NewsNew Pro ATEX seriesTuesday - 06 November 2018Products for air conditioning and ventilation systems in explosive atmospheres.NewsEurovent Certita CertificationWednesday - 12 September 2018Eurovent Certified Performance certifies the assessment of our M5-F9 Air Filters.NewsOurAir market launch eventTuesday - 07 August 2018MANN+HUMMEL hosted a customer event at the headquarter in Ludwigsburg/ GermanyNewsGetting what you want from your air filters (3)Wednesday - 01 August 2018Are the filters in your air handling unit actually delivering on this goal? NewsGetting what you want from your air filters (2)Monday - 16 July 2018How can you ensure that you keep your filter costs to the absolutely bare minimum and ensure you get best value for money? NewsGetting what you want from your air filters (1)Tuesday - 12 June 2018How does a filter reach the end of its service life? How do manufacturers maximize life? And what can you do?NewsFinding the missing 15%Monday - 28 May 2018To find out new energy reductions in your building, learn more about how an air filter consumes energy.NewsOil mist and PM1Monday - 07 May 2018Air pollution is now the fourth greatest risk of death worldwide, but the air quality is not just an outdoor issue.NewsIndoors might not be as safe as you thinkMonday - 26 March 2018Indoor air pollution means that inside spaces can be more harmful than we think. Why is indoor air pollution worse than outside? What can you do to protect building occupants?NewsFinding your way - Select, Eco, ProWednesday - 21 March 2018Product names that make life easierNewsThe mechanics of air filtrationMonday - 12 March 2018SlideShare examining the mechanics of air filtration and explaining how an air filter actually works.NewsWhat is PM?Thursday - 15 February 2018And why should it affect your filter selection?NewsOil and emulsion mist eliminatorsFriday - 02 February 2018ScandFilter: New generation offers greater flexibility and a lower total cost of ownershipNewsISO 16890 compliance test and measuring labTuesday - 16 January 2018Magnus Johnsson is a member of the MANN+HUMMEL R&D Community specialized in filter development and testing.NewsHow does an air filter media workThursday - 11 January 2018Separate the useful from the harmful, but how does an air filter media work? Ivanka Poljak explains.NewsHow is ISO16890 different from EN779Wednesday - 03 January 2018The new ISO 16890 presented by one of its creators, Thomas Carlsson.NewsCutting HVAC energy consumptionTuesday - 14 November 2017Case study: MANN+HUMMEL reduce HVAC energy consumption by 63%.NewsHVAC energy savings at a leading airportWednesday - 08 November 2017Case study: MANN+HUMMEL cut HVAC energy consumption at a leading airport.NewsHVAC system at an automotive manufacturerWednesday - 18 October 2017Case study: MANN+HUMMEL reduced on-site workload and improved air quality at an automotive plant.NewsAre your HVAC filters only fit for the history books?Thursday - 10 August 2017The air around us has changed. Discover how air quality has changed and what that means for you.NewsAir pollution in seven statisticsTuesday - 08 August 2017Seven statistics that demonstrate why air Pollution is important and what you can do about it.NewsWhy provide clean air in your building?Thursday - 03 August 2017Find out, why clean air in your building improves productivity and reduces employee absence.NewsISO 16890: What it takes to be ISO readyMonday - 10 July 2017MANN+HUMMEL's Intelligent Air Solutions team has been involved in developing the new ISO filter standard from the start.NewsISO 16890: Get the full picture on filter performanceThursday - 06 July 2017The outgoing EN 779 standard tested a filter with just one particle size.NewsISO 16890: The complete guide to ISO 16890Tuesday - 04 July 2017The new ISO 16890 standard will completely transform the way we think about air filters.NewsISO 16890: Explanation VideoFriday - 30 June 2017The new ISO 16890 standard is now in force.NewsISO 16890: Key information in just three minutesMonday - 26 June 2017Short on time? Read all the critical information on the new ISO filter standard in just three minutes.NewsInfographic: Air Filtration, What’s the Outcome?Monday - 19 June 2017Graphic looks at the importance of clean air and finding the perfect air filter specification.