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OurAir room air purifiers: KIT scientific test confirms effectiveness

How do we protect ourselves from coronaviruses, bacteria and air pollutants? Especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, this question has been occupying the world. The desire for cleaner and, above all, virus-free air is global.

At MANN+HUMMEL, we have combined our expertise from over 60 years of cleanroom-quality air filtration with the innovative power of our highly specialized teams to provide the most efficient, flexible and, above all, proven effective solution against viruses such as COVID-19 and many other threats: OurAir mobile room air purifiers with certified HEPA H14* filters were tested by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in two comprehensive studies. With outstanding results: In both studies, the KIT confirms that MANN+HUMMEL air purifiers provide significantly better air quality in closed rooms - and effectively reduce the risk of infection.

*High Efficiency Particulate Air, according to DIN ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Air purifier test - Essential conclusions at a glance:

  • Using the SQ 2500 air purifier for large rooms results in a significant reduction in aerosol pollution within just a short time. After four minutes pollution was cut by 50%, after 15 minutes by 90% and after another five minutes the pollution curve tends towards zero.
  • The air flow rate, which has a direct effect on the air exchange rate, is a decisive factor in the speed of the reduction and effectiveness of the air purifier.

Study of KIT

Prof. Dr. Achim Dittler from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) reports on his study in a classroom on the effectiveness of the antiviral air purifier OurAir TK 850 (predecessor model of the SQ 1750) from MANN+HUMMEL.

Our effective air purifiers separate the useful from the harmful

We can't usually see or smell pollutants as they are colorless and odorless. Nevertheless, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants spread rapidly indoors. To picture how this happens, think about how smoke or perfume travels through air. The main route of transmission for SARS-CoV-2 is via aerosols, which are tiny droplets in the air to which coronaviruses have attached themselves. These aerosol particles can carry the virus up to 8 meters and remain airborne for several hours, even after the infected person has left the room. As a result, the virus concentration in rooms increases rapidly - and with it the risk of infection. It becomes especially dangerous in areas where many people are present at the same time.

The use of room air purifiers is often recommended to reduce the risk of infection. However, not every air purifier is capable of reducing the aerosol concentration in rooms and keeping it at a consistently low level. Which means we don't see an actual improvement in air quality.

The OurAir air purifiers are useful in the fight against COVID-19 but they are so much more. The powerful HEPA H14 filters not only remove more than 99.995% of viruses along with their mutations from the air. They also lead the way in the fight against bacteria, fine dust or allergens. The effectiveness of MANN+HUMMEL air purifiers has been proven in several tests conducted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Test of the OurAir air purifiers in two different rooms

As part of the KIT's 2021 study "Investigation of the reduction of particle concentration in enclosed indoor spaces by a high-efficiency indoor filter", the OurAir TK 850 (predecessor model of the SQ 1750) air purifier was tested at an air flow rate of 950 m³ per hour. The first test was conducted in a classroom with a size of 221 m3. The study measured the indoor particle number concentration whilst the OurAir cleaner was in use.

The second test was conducted in an 85 m² seminar room with our OurAir SQ 2500.

To obtain a meaningful measurement of aerosol concentration in both tests, aerosol generators simulated coughing, and the rooms were equipped with local aerosol measurement devices at the time of testing.

Efficacy of our mobile air purifiers proven in both tests conducted

Both test reports describe a significant reduction in aerosol concentrations after our OurAir HEPA room air purifiers were put into operation.

The first classroom test demonstrated a reduction in locally occurring aerosol concentration peaks by the OurAir TK 850 (predecessor to the current OurAir SQ 1750).

The use of theOurAir 2500 room air purifier in the seminar room demonstrated a reduction of aerosol levels by 50% within four minutes and by 90% after 15 minutes. Eventually, the aerosol concentration approached zero.

Another interesting finding was that the decisive factor for the speed of the reduction and also the effectiveness of the air purifiers is the volume flow rate, which affects the air exchange rate.

The study also revealed that ideal device positioning can double the speed of aerosol reduction. We show you where you can optimally position our mobile air purifiers to ensure maximum protection in our video here

Proven, mobile and flexible effectiveness for all room sizes

With MANN+HUMMEL you can buy the quiet, economical and proven effective OurAir room air purifiersonline.

Different models are available depending on the room size:

All of our mobile air purifiers are equipped with innovative high-efficiency filters from MANN+HUMMEL that can remove not only coronaviruses, but also bacteria, fine dust, allergens and harmful gasses. The pioneering HEPA-H14 air filter is made from state-of-the-art ePTFE membrane and demonstrated its effectiveness in the test results. As a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter according to DIN ISO 29463 and EN 1822, it offers a filtration efficiency of more than 99.995%. 

When equipped with the latest generation of optional activated carbon filters, the OurAir products are ultra-effective tools against bad odors and harmful gasses. Used as pre-filters, the activated carbon filters also protect the more sensitive HEPA filter media.


Our scientifically tested OurAir air purifiers are effective in rooms of different sizes. For small offices up to 40 m², the OurAir SQ 500 is the best air purifier. Medium-sized rooms up to 140 m² are optimally protected by the OurAir SQ 1750. In large rooms up to 200 m², our OurAir SQ 2500 reliably filters viruses and other pollutants. For even larger rooms, use multiple room air purifiers as modules.

Industrial air cleaners from MANN+HUMMEL are equipped with one or more highly effective air filters. They draw in the ambient air via powerful fans. The installed HEPA filters of class H14 are individually tested and provide reliable protection against viruses. In addition, they separate contaminants such as dust particles, pollen, soot and aerosols from the air at a rate of more than 99.995%.

The contaminants are reliably separated in a progressively built up layer of finest fibers. The filtration system circulates the room air several times an hour, ensuring a clean, virtually virus-free environment. You can find more details about the air filter functionhere

OurAir purifiers provide clean and virus-free air by filtering hazardous substances. In an age of COVID-19, fine dust pollution and increasing urban air pollution, they are indispensable tools for a better quality of life and health protection.

Check out our video for answers to all questions about the ideal positioning for our room air purifiers.