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Research & case studies on reducing air pollution by MANN+HUMMEL

A total of 92% of the world’s population is affected by air pollution that exceeds the safety limits of the World Health Organization (WHO). Research and development at MANN+HUMMEL works each and every day on innovative solutions to reduce air pollutants. With success, as the following examples of our studies show.

Reducing HVAC workload by 80%

A leading car manufacturer had an HVAC system that required all-too-frequent servicing just to deliver poor air quality. Afterwards on-site workload was cut and PM2,5 air pollution was nearly 70% lower.

Cutting energy consumption by 63%

A mail centre in West London was experiencing high energy consumption from its HVAC system. With our eco16 program, HVAC energy consumption was cut by 63%.

Energy savings at a leading airport

One of the busiest airports strives for highest standards and its HVAC system was not meeting this. Our eco16 program resulted in a 28% reduction of HVAC energy consumption and 85% cut in workload.

Cleaning up paint at a leading wheel manufacturer

A leading wheel manufacturer had excessive paint emissions in the discharge environment of its facility. With our help the air quality was vastly improved with all visible paint residues eliminated from the discharge chimney.

Calculating the total cost of HVAC air filters

With all the different factors affecting installation, energy consumption, maintenance and disposal, just how do you calculate the total cost associated with operating an HVAC air filter? Our R&D Director investigates.

Electrostatic charge and synthetic bag filters

There’s a lot written about synthetic air filters and their electrostatic charge – unfortunately much of it biased or incorrect. Our white paper explains the role that electrostatic charge plays in filtration and dispels the common myths.

Further topics

Air pollution statistics

Here are seven statistics about air pollution that show us how important air filtration is.