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Highly efficient air purifiers for COVID-19 against Corona viruses

Prevent droplet transmission and improve indoor air quality to fight COVID-19

When life is uncertain, it’s important to take precautions that help reduce risks. One easy yet game-changing action you can take to protect your colleagues, team or pupils is to install an anti-viral air purifier that tackles droplet diseases and pollutants carried in indoor air. Why buy an air purifier? The answer is as clear as the air you’ll breathe.

  • Anti-viral air purifiers fitted with HEPA* H14 filters extract 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and contaminants.
  • Choose air purifiers with high air flows, low noise emissionand energy consumption.
  • Choose our additional activated carbon pre-filters to banish VOCs, odors and NO2.
  • Subtle, compact designs that work with your interior décor, and low noise emissions offer discreet functionality.
  • Purify the air and reduce the risk of infection in rooms where lots of people gather, work, learn or do sports.

Antiviral air purifiers: Why we’re not just tackling indoor air pollution

You already know that there are health concerns about allergens and harmful contaminants in the air we breathe. The prevention of air pollution is a key public health issue. And now, with a global pandemic spreading mainly through droplet infection, the stakes are even higher.

As we speak, cough and breathe we emit thousands of invisible aerosol droplets into the air. If these contain the COVID-19 virus they can infect others in the same environment. These droplets can spread further than the social distancing measurement of 1.5-2m and may remain in the air for several hours. We believe the answer to reducing risks posed by airborne viruses lies in air exchange and filtration as well as keeping a distance and covering your mouth and nose.

So why use an air purifier?

  • While many people are working from home there are countless others of us who still need to mix in workplaces, schools, medical, leisure and retail environments
  • A study by the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health demonstrated that people exposed to high concentrations (‘viral load’) of COVID-19 and air pollution were more likely to experience serious complications or die from the disease. Reducing or removing the concentration of virus in the air reduces these risks
  • Smear infection through contact with surfaces is thought to be a less prominent means of transition than airborne particles
  • In addition to your existing droplet precautions against diseases, we recommend using an ePTFE HEPA H14* filter air purifier in your building to remove pathogenic organisms from the air
  • Other means of ventilation may be inadequate or impossible, which means harmful bacteria and viruses can build up in the air. When you use an air purifier you get an extra layer of defense by thoroughly and regularly exchanging the air in your space
  • Many people suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions that are exacerbated by airborne pollutants, which can be five times more concentrated indoors. A HEPA H14* filter will remove these irritants and micro-organisms, allowing people to breathe comfortably

With more than 80 years experience designing and engineering filtration solutions and over 40 years of leading expertise in cleanroom and operating theater filtration, we at MANN+HUMMEL are confident we can help keep you safe with our air pollution solutions and specialist filters. Browse and buy our products here.

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822 

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OurAir SQ 500

Mobile air purifier for rooms up to 40sqm


OurAir SQ 1750

Mid-size air purifier for rooms up to 140sqm


OurAir SQ 2500

Large air purifier for rooms up to 200sqm


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Everyone needs to breathe clean air in order to live well. Our responsibility as employers, teachers, medics and professionals is to ensure the people around us have access to healthy, virus-free air that won’t damage their health.

If you use an air purifier you’re taking an important safety measure that’s proven to protect the people around you from an invisible, microscopic threat. Introducing our air purifiers that will boost your anti-COVID-19 toolkit by reducing the concentration of airborne droplets and viruses in your room or building:


The OurAir SQ 2500, for larger rooms up to 200m2

  • Fitted with a High Energy Particulate Air ePTFE (HEPA) H14* filter to effectively reduce particle concentration in the air
  • Air exchange rate of up to five times per hour
  • With an air flow rate of 2500m3/h this air purifier is so powerful it also works outdoors
  • Works more quietly and energy efficient than comparable systems
  • Measuring 1.004 x .0523 x 1.05m
  • Simple installation – just ‘Plug & Play’
  • If you need extra coverage you can spread them out over a larger space
  • Upgrade you pre-filter with activated-carbon coating to eliminate odors, NO2 and VOCs
  • Activate the UV-C disinfection stage


In smaller spacesup to 140m2 use the OurAir SQ 1750

  • With an ePTFE HEPA H14* filter that removes 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • The compact neutral design and low noise levels means it blends into any space
  • Air exchange rate of up to five times every hour
  • Small dimensions makes it easily portable: 0.65 x 0.66 x 1,25m
  • Operates and an air flow rate of 1750 m3/h
  • No need for adjustments to your existing HVAC system, just ‘Plug & Play’
  • Activate the UV-C disinfection stage


In smaller spacesup to 40m2 use the OurAir SQ 500

  • Fitted with a HEPA H14* filter to extract 99.995% or viruses and bacteria from the air
  • Air flow rate of 500m3/h
  • Provide virus-free air to smaller commercial spaces
  • Low noise emissions and minimalist design
  • Remote control, filter replacement reminder, auto mode, child safety lock


To upgrade an existing HVAC system with ePTFE HEPA* replacement filters

  • Easy-fitting ePTFE HEPA H13* filters proven to eradicate 99.95% of harmful particulates
  • Also available in H14 filter which removes 99.995% of viruses and micro-organisms
  • No need to overhaul or replace your existing system
  • No additional running costs once installed
  • Two-stage filter adaptations operating at A+ energy consumption
  • Standardized dimensions mean they fit on nearly all systems
  • Top quality air filtration to remove all types of pathogens from your indoor air

*according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

According to the World Health Organization respiratory droplets and contact routes are the main sources of COVID-19 virus transmission. Droplet infection refers to infection via droplets in breath or expelled through sneezing or coughing, that are then absorbed by another person through their eyes, mouth or nose. Respiratory droplets are tiny, at just 5-10μm (for context, a human hair is around 75 μm), but are larger than some other particles found in the air.

Droplet transmission is different than airborne transmission, which is where particles of <5μm linger in the air for up to several hours and spread more widely. Given this knowledge you might ask, ‘What is the droplet precautions I can take to avoid transmission?’ or wondered ‘Why use an air purifier?’ The answer is: For the most effective safeguards against virus transmission we recommend social distancing, hand washing, face coverings, ventilation and air purification.

Should you buy an air purifier? This is a key health question that could impact your business or school. It’s important to look at the evidence for air purification effectiveness. Research by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has shown that our air purifiers significantly reduce the levels of aerosols in a room. The lower the number of aerosols, the lower the risk of infection transmission. Whether you opt for a mobile air purifier or an ePTFE HEPA* H13 filter replacement for your heating and cooling system, our anti-viral products reduce viruses, bacteria and microscopic particles by 99.95 (H13 filter) - 99.995% (H14 filter).

The answer to the question, ‘Why is an air purifier good?’ is simple: it will improve your indoor air quality, reduce levels of harmful pollutants and avoid airborne and droplet transmission of viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and seasonal flu. This will reduce staff sickness, protect vulnerable people and enable your business to continue functioning successfully.

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

In any indoor situation an air purifier will help keep your air virus-free and improve air quality. This is especially crucial in schools, offices, pharmaceutical sites, patient rooms, airports, hotels, restaurants and bars, nightclubs, gyms and treatment rooms. If you want to safeguard the people around you, look for an air purifier that works for your room size and has sufficient air flow rate to replenish the air as frequently as five times per hour while working quietly and energy efficient.

These proven health benefits and anti-viral protection are the reasons why we use an air purifier. Make a positive choice to keep your workplace or school COVID-safe too.