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Digital filtration solutions for Europe by MANN+HUMMEL Air Filtration

MANN+HUMMEL uses the efficiency of digitalization in the area of Public Air Solutions primarily for demand-oriented control of filter systems for outdoors and semi-open areas. This provides a significant energy saving potential.

Our Filter Cubes are applied wherever the levels of pollutants in the air are particularly high. They efficiently filter fine dust particles and harmful gases such as NO2 from the air and thus contribute to protecting the health of residents and passers-by. At busy streets and traffic junctions, in subway stations, but also in particularly sensitive areas such as playgrounds and food courts, cleaning the ambient air is particularly important and an intelligent, energy-efficient solution is required.

The Filter Cubes are equipped with an smart mechatronic system architecture. Available sensors record air and weather data as well as the pollution level. These data are transferred to a cloud where they are merged and analysed. The filter system is set up to control itself depending on operating and environmental boundary conditions. However, the operator can also control the units via remote control and access the system if required. 

This intelligent system architecture ensures that the Filter Cubes run extremely energy efficient as the fans work only when the pollution levels hit a certain threshold.

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