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The exchangeable filters for the OurAir air purifier series:

OurAir TK 850

Activated carbon filter against odors and harmful gases for OurAir HEPA air purifiers

The mobile OurAir room air purifiers from MANN+HUMMEL quickly, flexibly and efficiently provide clean air in virtually any room. Since long before the COVID-19 pandemic the pioneering HEPA H14 filters in our air purifiers have been important allies in the fight against airborne pollutants. These state-of-the-art HEPA filters (in accordance with DIN ISO 29463 and EN 1822) separate more than 99.995% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and other harmful particles from the air - and ensure healthier air quality. But what about bad odors, irritants and harmful gasses in the air? How can these be effectively and efficiently removed from the room air?

With our OdorControl and FreciousComfort technologies, we offer two ways to equip your OurAir air purifiers with activated carbon filters and provide fresh air indoors, for your employees, customers, patients or guests. Anywhere, anytime.

Our activated charcoal filter elements can

  • Effectively reduce odors, irritants and harmful gasses indoors
  • As pre-filters, protect the HEPA filters behind them from fine and coarse dust, pollen and hair
  • Increase the performance and service life of main filters

We have been equipping the industry with high-efficient filters for decades - our innovative ideas ensure clean air worldwide. This know-how also flows into the development of our carbon air purifiers, the OurAir air purifiers combined with HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.

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OdorControl and FreciousComfort for fresh air

OdorControl: Pre-filter and combi-filter for OurAir air purifiers

OdorControl is our optional pre-filter stage with activated carbon for the OurAir SQ 1750 and SQ 2500 mobile room air purifiers. For the small SQ 500 room air purifier, which does not require a pre-filter due to its lower volume flow, we have developed the optional OdorControl combi-filter, which combines a modern HEPA H14 air filter with a highly efficient gas adsorption layer. With OdorControl, we rely on a special activated charcoal mixture that can effectively adsorb odors and harmful gasses very effectively due to its very large inner surface area.

The natural properties of activated carbon are fascinating: The surface area of a teaspoon of activated carbon is equivalent to the area of a soccer field - so an air filter with activated carbon has plenty of space for the effective reduction of unpleasant odors and harmful gasses. The particle layer in the high-performance pre-filter of high-volume air purifiers can also remove hair, fine dust, coarse dust and pollen before they clog or damage the sensitive HEPA main filter.

The advantages of OdorControl at a glance

  • A multifunctional, chemically impregnated activated carbon layer drastically reduces organic and chemical odors, harmful gasses and irritants in the air.
  • In the OurAir SQ 1750 and OurAir SQ 2500, the activated carbon layer is integrated in the pre-filter. Here, the particle layer additionally protects the sensitive HEPA-H14 filter from hair, pollen or coarse dust, increasing performance and service life.
  • Combi-filters for the SQ 500 unify the protection of HEPA-H14 filters against viruses, bacteria and other particles with the adsorption performance of activated carbon which guards against odors, irritants and harmful gasses.

FreciousComfort: The all-rounder for our OurAir SQ 2500

The optionally available pre-filter relies on triple protection:

The combination of particle filter layer, premium activated charcoal layer and biofunctional polyphenol layer protects the HEPA air filter behind it by removing dust, hair and pollen and reduces odors as well as harmful gasses in the air.

It also enhances the anti-allergenic effect of the air purifier and inhibits potential microbial growth on the filter. 

The advantages of FreciousComfort at a glance

  • Comfort filter with additional biofunctional impregnation
  • Protects the HEPA H14 filter by removing coarse and fine dust, hair and pollen
  • Reduces foul organic and chemical odors as well as harmful gasses in the air
  • Deactivates free allergens
  • Inhibits potential microbial growth on the filter

From the factory, all OurAir air purifiers are equipped with HEPA H14 filters that filter viruses, bacteria, allergens and fine dust from the air. If you also want to effectively reduce bad odors and harmful gasses, our product range offers you custom-fit solutions with a range of activated carbon filter media. 

High-efficiency air filter with activated carbon: Ideal for crowds

The benefits of our activated carbon filters are especially noticeable wherever people congregate. Whether in canteens or cafeterias, in care facilities, schools, offices or hospitals, in industry and workshop environments or in event locations, bad odors, irritants and harmful gasses such as formaldehyde can make staying indoors unpleasant. Good quality air is just wishful thinking without permanently installed, modern ventilation systems. Our mobile OurAir air purifiers are designed precisely for these challenges. They can be used anywhere and at any time indoors – all you need is a power outlet. With powerful HEPA H14 filters and optional activated charcoal filters, they ensure significantly cleaner air – which means productive and healthy social interaction. 

Activated carbon: Powerful pollutant gas and odor filter in OurAir air purifiers

The impressive effect of the activated carbon in our filters is no coincidence. The activated carbon used in the OdorControl filter has a particularly high internal surface area. This ensures that the activated charcoal filter media efficiently adsorb harmful gasses for a long time. The activated carbon mixture we use also has a highly effective chemical impregnation, which enables the adsorption of complex cocktails or odors and gas mixtures.

With MANN+HUMMEL activated carbon filters, pollutant gasses, irritants and bad odors in the air will soon be a thing of the past

Using activated carbon filters as pre-filters for HEPA filters in air purifiers

Whether OdorControl or FreciousComfort, in the OurAir SQ 1750 and SQ 2500, our activated charcoal filters also always take on the function of a pre-filter, as the powerful particle filters remove coarse and fine dust, pollen and hair before they can reach the main HEPA H14 filter. This means our activated charcoal filters prevent clogging and/or damage to the sensitive main filters - thereby increasing performance and service life. Which is another reason why we recommend the combination of HEPA and activated carbon filters for your OurAir room air purifiers. For comprehensive protection of people, filters and machines.


Activated carbon is a fine-grained substance. It consists of more than 90% carbon. It has a large internal surface area and is capable of accumulating substances from gasses on its surface, i.e. adsorbing them. This makes it the ideal medium for reducing unpleasant odors, irritants and harmful gasses in the air.

Activated carbon often has a health-promoting effect in medical products and is also used in many cosmetic products. For example, it is used against diarrhea and is found in toothpaste. When it comes to reducing odors and gasses, the immensely large internal surface area of activated charcoal is a distinct advantage. As an additional filtration layer on a filter element, activated carbon binds bad odors and harmful gasses and retains them. And thanks to these qualities it contributes to a feeling of freshness and greater well-being.

Our activated carbon filters have a chemically impregnated activated carbon mixture that adsorbs harmful gasses and irritants by binding them to its surface. This significantly reduces unpleasant odors and health hazards. And, thanks to their particle filter layer, activated charcoal filters also serve as pre-filters. They can remove coarse dust, hair and pollen before they pose a threat to the higher-spec main filters.

Why activated carbon filters? In a nutshell, air filters with activated charcoal can adsorb dissolved particles in the air (i.e. accumulate substances from gasses on their surface) due to their very large internal surface area. Filters without activated carbon are not able to do this. Activated carbon filters effectively reduce unpleasant odors, irritants and gasses in the air.