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Over 80 years of HVAC expertise: you can count on MANN+HUMMEL

When it comes to air filtration, we're a force to be reckoned with. MANN+HUMMEL has been developing innovative air filter solutions for over 80 years, regularly setting benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency, reliability and durability.

Our product range extends from coarse dust filters to HEPA and ULPA high performance filters, and can also filter gaseous contaminants through our molecular filters. Accordingly we cover the entire air filtration needs of ventilation technology - from building ventilation to clean-room solutions.

However, even the best filter only works efficiently if it is used correctly. With production facilities across Europe, we offer fast delivery of our HVAC filters and provide you with a wide range of services, including system evaluation and filter optimisation as well as monitoring, maintenance and AI-supported air quality management.

Do you want to reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system, or are you an FM service provider that aims to be a reliable supplier offering your customers added value? Thanks to our decades of experience and expertise in a wide range of industrial sectors, we're the right partner for you!

After all, when it comes to clean air, every detail counts for MANN+HUMMEL

99 % of all people breathe polluted air.
Poor air quality makes us tired, unproductive and, in the worst case, ill. Research shows that when air quality is improved, human cognitive performance increases by about 61%. Yet in spite of this, every year companies are still throwing away billions of euros in lost productivity and illness-related absenteeism due to poor air quality.

Indoor air pollution is up to 5 times worse than it is outdoors. 
Clean-room production is even more sensitive. In the production of foodstuffs or microelectronic components, a high-purity environment is a fundamental requirement. Specialised high-performance filters are used to eliminate contamination. These remove even the smallest particles as well as gaseous and microbial contaminants from the air.

99.99999 % of pollutants can be removed by filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL.
What counts for us when it comes to air quality is clear: we aim to protect people and make industrial processes safer by providing reliable and efficient filter solutions. We have been doing this for over 80 years. You can easily see why we are the right partner for you: just take a deep breath and read on. 

Compared to a class D filter, during the same time an ePM1 air filter with energy efficiency class A+ will save as much electricity as 6 large refrigerators consume.
It isn’t generally known that the energy efficiency of an air filter accounts for 80% of its life cycle costs - and that there are huge differences in the process. Accordingly we place great emphasis on maximum energy efficiency when we design our air filters. So it's no wonder that MANN+HUMMEL has the widest range of A+ filters on the market, featuring continuous gains in terms of performance and energy consumption.

Take a deep breath and let the numbers sink in - with our little breathing exercise.

Our HVAC solutions at a glance

For 80 years and more: MANN+HUMMEL is always there when you need us 

At MANN+HUMMEL we are proud of our extensive portfolio of high-quality, energy-efficient air filters. However, our commitment to HVAC goes far beyond simply providing outstanding products. We know how important fast delivery times are for our customers, and our agility in logistics enables us to be a reliable partner especially when time is of the essence.

As a company with a proud, over 80-year tradition of experience and expertise, we maintain a close and personal relationship with our customers. Our aim is not just to be a reliable supplier, but a trustworthy partner who understands and responds to the individual needs and requirements of every customer.

Our 22,222 employees at 80 locations on six continents are committed to this, continuously working to improve our technologies and services and thus contributing to our shared mission: Separating the useful from the harmful.

Figures from actual practice: energy savings of 29 % thanks to HVAC filters from MANN+HUMMEL

„In the past we had to wait over a month for our filters. MANN+HUMMEL delivers them to us in a matter of days! Thanks to MANN+HUMMEL our Total Cost of Ownership TCO saving is about 37,000€.”

Italian food producer

Energy savings of 29 %, a reduction of 37,000 euros in total operating costs, and a doubling of the air filter change interval from 6 to 12 months: this is the impressive result that our Aircube Eco HVAC filters achieved for one of our customers after we supplied them with our air filters within a very short space of time. Would you like to know more? Then simply download the complete case study here free of charge.

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