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CBRE and MANN+HUMMEL: Together for sustainable facilities management

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Today, facilities management is much more than mere maintenance. Commercial properties must comply with strict regulations on energy efficiency, health, and environmental protection. Many companies have already placed the goal of carbon neutrality at the top of their agenda. This likely includes many of CBRE’s customers.

Achieving this goal requires highly efficient and sustainable technologies. But equally important is the knowledge of how to make the best use of these technologies. Data-based management systems play a major role in this.

MANN+HUMMEL provides you with both:

  • High-efficient filter solutions that save up to 41% energy in operation and significantly reduce maintenance effort and life cycle costs through their reliability and longevity.
  • Service around your filter systems: Take advantage of our broad expertise to enhance the performance of your air filtration systems and comply with legislative requirements. We support you from system evaluation and optimisation to maintenance and monitoring, right through to environmentally responsible disposal.

Furthermore, we assist you in building your own expertise and educate your employees about data-driven facilities management through consultation and training.

Let’s tackle your challenges together!

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The info package contains:

  • Factsheet "Best possible air quality at the lowest possible cost": All about efficiency in air filters, the Eurovent energy classes and practical examples from various industries + checklist "How to reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system".

  • IN THE FIELD: “Market Developments in Air Filtration”: How is the air filter market evolving, and what trends companies and HVAC system operators need to be aware of ?  A major filter company provides exciting insights.

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The figures don’t lie!

99% of all people breathe polluted air.
Air – we can't see it and yet it has far-reaching effects on our surroundings. The figures in themselves make it abundantly clear, but we can also feel it in our own wellbeing: poor air quality makes us tired, unproductive and, in the worst case, ill. Research by Harvard and Syracuse Universities shows that when air quality is improved, human cognitive performance increases by about 61%. Yet every year companies are still throwing away billions of euros in lost productivity and illness-related absenteeism due to poor air quality. Possibly, you’ve already noticed that your customers are facing the same problem, too.

Indoor air pollution is typically around 5 times worse than it is outdoors.
Cleanroom production is even more sensitive than we humans are. In the manufacture of foodstuffs or microelectronic components, a high-purity environment is a fundamental requirement. Specialized high-performance filters are used to eliminate contamination. These remove even the smallest particles as well as gaseous and microbial contaminants from the air.

99.99999% of pollutants can be removed by filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL.
MANN+HUMMEL has been a partner of CBRE since 2017, bringing extensive expertise to the table. For more than 60 years now, we have been developing reliable and efficient filter solutions that protect people and make industrial processes safer. Yet, we provide more than just excellent products; we also offer valuable knowledge that you can pass on to your customers in the form of improved facilities management services. What else can we do for you? Just take a deep breath and read on.

We help CBRE, and your customers achieve major energy savings and meet CSR targets – with every breath you take!

While you are taking a breath, somewhere in the world someone is dying from the effects of poor air. According to the WHO, these deaths number up to 7 million per year.
We do something about it – with one of the world's widest ranges of high-quality air filters, including coarse dust filters, high-performance EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters or molecular filters for gaseous contaminants. We cover the entire air filtration needs of ventilation technology – from building ventilation to cleanroom solutions.

While you take two breaths, MANN+HUMMEL manufactures 256 filters.
Cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical and food industries need ultra-clean ambient air. Supplying them efficiently and quickly with high-performance filters is therefore crucial. Supply failure can lead to the risk of production downtime, product recalls or even damage to health. Our 22,000 employees at 80 locations around the world give you the security of knowing you will receive exactly the filter solution you need at all times. By the way, for clean rooms we also have complete FFUs and ceiling systems in our range.

While you take three breaths, an ePM1 air filter with energy efficiency class of A+ saves as much electricity as 6 large refrigerators compared to a class D filter.
It isn’t generally known that the energy efficiency of an air filter accounts for 80% of its life-cycle cost. We therefore place great emphasis on maximum energy efficiency when we design our air filters. So it's no surprise that MANN+HUMMEL has the largest selection of A+ filters on the market.

While you take four breaths, companies in the US alone lose nearly $40,000 due to the health effects of poor air quality. The situation in other industrialized nations is no different.
With HVAC systems, the higher the filtration efficiency of the air filters, the higher the energy consumption. The optimum filter design is therefore the solution that provides safe air quality while consuming as little energy as possible. Our team of experts will help you find the ideal filtration solution for you, using our air quality management system qlair. The smart tool for AHUs collects environmental data and insights in real time, analyzes the data to determine the optimal filter design for each site. In addition, qlair ensures that filters are maintained as needed, helping to additionally reduce operating costs.

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„It is our mission to separate the useful from the harmful, so that people can breathe easily and industries can operate efficiently. With CBRE, we have a partner who pursues the same goals. This makes us an invincible team for greater sustainability in the property sector. ”

Fua Nipah, President and General Manager Air Filtration Solutions

Interested in amazing facts and exciting market insights?

Download the info package now!