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Revolutionising pasta production: Pioneering sustainability and energy efficiency

In the world of pasta production, a sector that demands protection against contamination and maximum energy efficiency, MANN+HUMMEL has sparked a small revolution with its Aircube Eco air filter solution. An international food manufacturer from Italy achieved incredible improvements tailored to the unique demands of pasta production by implementing this new system:

  • Reduction in energy consumption by 29%
  • Greatly extended filter service life by doubling the time between replacement intervals
  • Decrease in total annual operating costs by € 37,000

"Thanks to MANN+HUMMEL, we are saving energy, the filter change intervals have been extended, and the changeover times have been halved. The total TCO saving amounts to around 37,000 euros."

Customer Maintenance & Purchasing representative

The customer: Specialised filter requirements in pasta production

As one of the largest manufacturers of fresh pasta in the world, boasting a turnover of nearly one billion euros and a workforce of 4,000 employees, our customer faced the challenge of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of its production processes. In order to maintain the necessary air quality standards, the pasta manufacturer already had an air handling system equipped with pre-filters, fine dust filters, and a HEPA final stage*.

* in accordance with DIN ISO 29463 and EN 1822

The challenge: Innovative filtration for energy-efficient pasta production

With a total air volume flow of 900,000 m3/h, the customer previously used a filter system that included V type pocket filters. While the customer was generally satisfied with their performance, these filters were only rated with an energy efficiency class C. To highlight potential benefits and improvements, we deployed our customised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool to calculate the advantages of switching to a more efficient filter.

The solution: The Aircube Eco by MANN+HUMMEL for better air management

The customer had previously relied on comparison tables to understand the transition from the old EN 779 standard to the new ISO 16890. However, with the detailed results from our high-tech analysis of the total operating costs, MANN+HUMMEL successfully convinced the customer of the advantages to be gained by switching to the Aircube Eco filter. This filter not only demonstrated significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency but also offered additional benefits, including:

  • The highest possible energy efficiency class A+
  • Pressure loss reduced by over 20%
  • Significantly improved performance of the air handling unit
  • Resistant to microbial growth in accordance with ISO 846
  • Fully complies with VDI 6022
  • Comfortably meets the legal requirements of EC Directive No. 1935/2004

These advantages make the Aircube Eco absolutely ideal for food production

"Thanks to MANN+HUMMEL, we can now rely on certifications and product conformity, which was not the case in the past."

Customer Quality representative

The result: Safe, efficient, and sustainable pasta production

Thanks to the recognised product certifications for the Aircube Eco filter, our customer can now safely rely on the highest quality and full conformity with the requirements of the food industry. Additionally, the implementation of the Aircube Eco filter has led to energy savings of 25,000 euros a year, amounting to a huge 29 per cent reduction. The results of the system change are compelling and speak for themselves:

  • Reduction in annual energy costs from € 88,000 to € 63,000
  • Doubling the filter change interval from 6 to 12 months
  • Greatly simplified purchasing system
  • Reduction in warehouse requirements
  • Less working time required
  • Lower disposal costs

"MANN+HUMMEL delivered the goods to us in just a few days, whereas previously we would have waited 40 days for delivery."

Customer Logistics representative

MANN+HUMMEL for safely reliable filtration in pasta production

The joint success story of the partnership between the Italian food manufacturer and MANN+HUMMEL not only demonstrates savings in financial terms but also underlines the reliability and efficiency of our filter solutions. Enhance more sustainable and cost-efficient production processes with MANN+HUMMEL as a trusted partner. Our products and services meet the highest quality standards and are certified in accordance with all of the relevant standards and guidelines.

For more than 80 years, MANN+HUMMEL has stood for innovative solutions in filtration. In today's ever-changing world, sustainability and energy efficiency are more important than ever. With our broad portfolio of air filtration solutions and services, we support customers in the food industry, along with many other sectors, with protecting both employees and the environment, conserving resources, while sustainably reducing their costs in the process.

You can download our filter catalogues or contact us today to learn more about how MANN+Hummel air filters and other filtration solutions can help you optimise your production and significantly reduce your costs at the same time.