The simple way to safe, clean air

An air filter must protect building occupants from airborne pollutants, but it should also do so while consuming as little energy as possible. The challenge comes from the fact that these two factors are at opposite ends of the spectrum — as you increase one, the other decreases. eco16 is a clean air management system that identifies the sweet spot, where the air filter is delivering safe air quality at the lowest possible energy demand. Find out more below…


Introducing eco16

MANN+HUMMEL’s clean air management system examines a complicated array of factors, but the outcomes is simple: clean air at the lowest possible cost – to you and the environment. Our video explains how eco16 works and the benefits it can bring.

Beyond filter class

With energy efficiency representing such a fundamental aim of organizations worldwide, air filters must do more than simply deliver clean air. Our article examines why energy consumption is so important, how filters can help and why the industry as a whole must make energy as important as filter class.

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eco16 guide

Get a full breakdown of why the eco16 program is important, how it works and how it can simplify your filter procurement, maintenance and disposal.

Read our PDF guide to eco16