Exhaust air for paint spray applications to collect the overspray

Our filters for paint applications are used to separate all types of contaminants, including water, dust, fine particles and paint overspray.

We help you achieve a flawless finish on the spray painted surface, free from imperfections, whether its aircraft or automobile. This can only be achieved in an environment that's free from imperfections too. Our filtration solutions remove the contaminants that can ruin your work, consistently and reliably. MANN+HUMMEL has a complete range of prefilters, ceiling filters and exhaust filters, providing reliable filtration at every stage of the process.

Airroll Select Paint Dust

  • Glass fiber filter medium
  • To separate paint mists
  • Free of silicon and paint-damaging substances
  • Resistant to acetone

Airroll Paintcard PFF

  • Self supporting, environmentally-friendly design
  • Four to six times greater paint loading than glass fiber
  • Simple method for retrofitting expensive water-curtain systems
  • Ensures an even air flow across the cabin

Airroll Pro Paint NoGlass

  • Contains no irritants
  • Zero risk of shedding
  • Last up to four times longer than equivalent glass media
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • High dust and paint holding capacity

Aircube Deeppleat Pro Paint

  • Operates in temperatures up to 500 °C
  • Large filter area up to 10 m²
  • Compact dimensions
  • Long service life
  • Silicon free

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