HEPA & ULPA Filter

MANN+HUMMELS långa erfarenhet av att producera EPA, HEPA och ULPA filter lösningar som är ledande, har gett oss en unik kompetens och en produkt portfölj för både renrum och ultra rena miljöer. EPA, HEPA och ULPA filter som panel, djup pleatade, kompakt och cylindriska filter finns installerade över hela världen.

Hepatex CR-WS


Hepatex CR-WS filters are high-efficiency submicron particulate air filter designed to protect people, equipment and processes from airborn particulate contamination.

Hepatex CR-WS filters are used in situations requiring high levels of air purity. They are primarily designed as intake filters for low turbulence displacement (or laminar flow) clean room ceilings and clean workbenches.

Typical applications can be found in medical, chemistry, pharmacy, microbiology, hospital, laboratories and the food industry.

Hepatex CR-WS filters offer high efficiencies and are designed for a wide range of different "clean" air applications. CR-WS filters are suitable for the highest clean room requirements up to class 1 (ISO16644-1) and for class A sterile pharmaceutical zones.


  • Optimised volocity distribution:
    For stable air flow and a long service life
  • Scan test certificates available:
    For assured performance
  • Solid wood frame:
    Provides rigidity and strength
  • Mechanically stable:
    For optimum performance
  • Optimal face guards available:
    For media protection from harmful particles
  • Low pressure drop:
    Reduces energy consumption and operating costs