Oil Mist Eliminators

MANN+HUMMEL's oil mist eliminators are designed to remove oil mist, emulsion mist and smoke from industrial and process environments. Mist, smoke and harmful particles such as bacteria, generated by metalworking machines and other industrial processes, are extracted at source and cleaned by the filtration process. Available in a variety of options, from standardised units to bespoke systems, our oil mist eliminators provide a cost effective, reliable solution to your oil mist problem. For further information please contact: Info-oilsmoke@mann-hummel.com


Industrial air cleaners

Industrial processes generate industrial-strength pollutants, so you need an industrial-strength answer. ScandMist is a range of industrial air cleaners that use a modular filter system to eliminate oil smoke, oil mist and emulsion mists for a clean and safe workshop environment.

ScandMist removes fumes, emissions and other harmful by-products of metalworking processes at source with a three-stage filtration process. The clean air is returned directly to the workshop and exceeds international health and safety standards for exposure limits to metalworking fluids – including OSHA, NIOSH and HSE. In fact, the air leaving ScandMist is so clean that it’s on a par with the air delivered by our CG³ operating theatre ceilings.

Protecting you from the real threat

Most oil mist eliminators are only effective against larger particulate, around 10 µm in diameter. But ScandMist is effective where it really counts – with particulate under one micron in diameter (PM1). Not only is PM1 the most common by-product of industrial processes, it’s also the most harmful; penetrating deep into our bodies, entering the bloodstream and damaging our vital organs – including the brain and heart. 

ScandMist uses HEPA filters (class H13 to EN 1822) to provide 99.95% efficiency against particulate 0.3 µm in diameter. That means clinically clean air for your frontline workers, and health and safety resolution for you. 

Cutting your heating and electric usage

Venting scrubbed air from your workshop to the outside is the equivalent of driving with the heaters on full blast and the windows down. Because ScandMist’s exhaust air is so clean, it can be returned directly to the workshop. That means you can break the cycle of continually heating and expelling air outside. And that can have a dramatic impact on your heating costs.

What’s more, ScandMist’s super-efficient IE3 and EC motors offer high performance from a low energy demand. And they are super quiet too.

Keeping you compliant

Inhaling oil mist has been linked to a host of respiratory problems, and new health implications are emerging all the time. Although no international safety standards exist for exposure to oil mist, most countries have set their own limits based on maximum permissible particle concentration levels. In Europe, these limits range from 0.2mg/m³ in Switzerland to 10mg/m³ in Germany.
But no matter where you are located, ScandMist exceeds all current prescribed limits for exposure to metalworking fluids. And to make compliance easy, MANN+HUMMEL or our ScandMist Expert partners can survey your facility and provide a documented record of air quality at your site.

The ScandMist process

ScandMist uses a three-stage filtration process to deliver clinically clean air to your workshop.

Stage 1 – Oil coalescer filters

The first ScandMist stage removes the larger oil particles. As the contaminated air passes through the filter media, the oil particles are attracted to the oleophobic fibers. The droplets gather, increase in mass and drain to the base of the ScandMist unit where the oil can be collected or returned directly to the machine sump.

Stage 2 – Oil removal filters

The scrubbed air then passes through a highly efficient coalescer at stage two where the coalescing process is repeated. After this second filtration stage, the air is on average 95 – 98% free from oil.

Stage 3 – HEPA filtration

The third filtration stage is designed to completely clean the remaining air to a standard far higher than the surrounding ambient air. Using a HEPA filter, this final stage ensures that fine, sub-micron particles – including trace oil, smoke, bacteria, pollen and spores – are separated and not returned to the workshop.

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ScandMist 40R

Oil smoke filtration with nominal flows of up to 400 m³/h 

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ScandMist 100R2

Oil smoke filtration with nominal flows of up to 1000 m³/h, with one coalescer stage

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ScandMist 100R

Oil smoke filtration with nominal flows of up to 1000 m³/h, with two coalescer stages 

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ScandMist 100R OEM

Oil smoke filtration with flows of up to 1000 m³/h, for use with alongside OEM machines

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ScandMist 200R

Oil smoke filtration with nominal flows of up to 2000 m³/h 

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ScandMist 300R

Oil smoke filtration with nominal flows of up to 3000 m³/h 

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ScandMist 60D

For oil mist filtration with nominal flows up to 400 m³/h 

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ScandMist 100D

For oil mist filtration with nominal flows up to 1000 m³/h 

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ScandMist 200D

For oil mist filtration with nominal flows up to 2000 m³/h 

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ScandMist 200D OEM

For oil mist filtration with flows up to 2000 m³/h, for use alongside OEM machines 

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ScandMist 400D

For oil mist filtration with nominal flows up to 4000 m³/h 

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ScandMist 600D

For oil mist filtration with nominal flows up to 6000 m³/h

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High capacity systems

The most demanding applications need the most effective solution. ScandMist high capacity systems are designed to manage the oil mist emissions from multiple machines and processes with air flows from 8,000 m³/h to more than 100,000 m³/h. This makes ScandMist high capacity systems the ideal choice for brand new facilities, new lines within existing facilities or replacing poorly performing equipment.

The high capacity systems consist of multiple, integrated ScandMist units with one common inlet and one common outlet. This simple, modular design is well-proven, cuts lead times and simplifies installation.

Ancillary products

We provide a variety of accompanying equipment to ensure that your ScandMist unit or system is performing at the optimum level. These include frequency inverters to control the system pressure, oil pump boxes to collect the oil returned by the ScandMist unit, and pressure transmitters to enable the system to adapt to the current filter load conditions.

ScandMist also works with many products from other suppliers, so please contact us if you have any questions about compatibility.

Consultancy services

Effective industrial ventilation is crucial in the highly-regulated manufacturing sector. But it’s a complicated topic, with different requirements depending on your process and geographical location. 

To help you navigate this complexity, we provide a range of consultancy services focusing on industrial ventilation. We can come to your location and measure the efficiency of existing filtration systems. We will determine the air quality across your facility and design an oil mist system that’s tailored to your requirements.

ScandMist Expert

We have a number of carefully-chosen partners that provide local distribution and commissioning of ScandMist systems. These ScandMist Experts are selected for their expertise and experience, and are only appointed following an extensive audit by MANN+HUMMEL to determine their credentials as ventilation engineers. Each Expert undertakes extensive product training to understand the ScandMist product range and optimization of motors, fans, control systems and filter choices for all possible applications.

Contact our experts directly: Info-oilsmoke(at)mann-hummel.com