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ScandMist FBT


Gas turbines and other motors consume large amounts of oil to lubricate and protect their internal parts and bearing surfaces. When this oil is exposed to high temperatures and high pressure, large quantities of fine oil mist are created, which is often exhausted through the oil tank to atmosphere, leading to atmospheric pollution and significant oil wastage.

ScandMist FBT lowers both your operating costs and the impact upon the environment by collecting oil mist from the lubricating systems of engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, pumps and compressors. The oil mist is collected and directly recycled into the tank for reuse, providing significant operational savings. With an integral processor control and inverter-driven fan, the ScandMist FBT gas turbine oil mist collector optimises power consumption, whilst maintaining constant under-pressure in the oil tank.


  • Can be located directly on the oil tank or remotely via ductwork
    For added flexibility
  • Fibre-bed filter technology
    Continuous high efficiency
  • Designed for continual operation during extreme conditions
    Suitable for all operating environments
  • Maintains the desired under pressure in the lubricating system
    For greater performance
  • Collected oil can be returned to the system for reuse
    Lowers cost and impact upon the environment


Nominal Flow400 m³/h
Maximum Pressure Drop2300 Pa
Motor Power1.1 kW
Voltage3 x 380 V, 50 Hz
Rated Current2.5 A
Sound Level75 dB(A)
Efficiency100 % particles > 1 μm