Operating Theatre

Laminar flow operating theatre systems provide maximum protection from contaminations and other filtration systems.



Optima-CG is a laminar flow operating theatre designed to meet the needs of today's healthcare facility operators. Thanks to its circular base, Optima-CG provides a near turbulence-free air flow whilst also reducing energy consumption through a lower air flow. With the highest air cleanliness levels and conformity to international standards, Optima-CG provides high levels of performance with a reduced cost of ownership.

Preconditioned air is filtered in the Optima-CG system by high quality HEPA filters and directed down through a special double-layered frame (called the CG Air Diffuser) to the operating table with an air velocity of 0.25 m/s. This double-layered CG Air Distributor produces the stable unidirectional airflow.

Contamination in the working area is directly captured in the air flow and discharged from the room at floor level via fluff separators.


  • Highest levels of air cleanliness
    ISO-class 5 according to EN ISO 14644-1 (3520 particles/m³ ≥ 0.5 μm) 
  • Low bacterial count
    < 10 CFU/m³  
  • Reduced energy consumption
    Up to 30% compared with rectangular and square base forms
  • Stable, unidirectional air flow 
    Ensures the removal of any impurity, particulate or germs from the surgical area
  • Circular base provides large clean zone
    Allows the patient, operating team and instrument tables to be inside this high sterile air flow simultaneously
  • All acceptance tests fulfilled
    Leakage test (DEHS Test); clean zone determination (at rest); loading test for determining degree of protection; turbulence degree testing; as well as other requirements of all international standards like DIN 1946-4, ÖNORM H6020, SWKI 99-3, HTM 03-01, etc.


Air Distribution Box
Built of aluminium sheet, airtight welded. Varnish disinfectant resistant: bottom side completely varnished RAL 9010. 4 pcs. rectangular ducts with flange for fresh air supply, welded sidewise of the distribution box.

Filter Grid
Tightly welded and additionally on the connection grid-sidewall sealed with polyurethane to pass the leak-test. Both the air distributor box and the filter housing are on the given sheet contact points totally gas-tight welded (no sealing with silicon or similar).

Filter Receptacle
All components for the receptacle of the filter element are made of stainless and corrosion-proof materials. Air tight welded filter intake made of aluminium, air tight connected with the distribution box with 2-component polyurethane. Compression measuring connection for examining the pressure drop of the filter. 

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter
The filter medium consists of folded glass fibre filter paper with thread range spacer, whereby the filter medium and the frame are closely connected. The strong filter frame consists of aluminium and is equipped with an EPDM profile washer. The filter exchange happens from the inside of the room after replacing the CG Distributor frame. 

Air Distributor
CG Distributor frame made of aluminium profiles, double-side covered with special fabric; subdivided in separate large area elements; downwards removable.

Priming Illumination (optional)
Installed in the air distributor box above the transparent CG Distributor. Constructed as twin optical apparatus protective class IP 20, T16 - technology with main electronical connecting device (dimmable optional). Wiring on the outside of the air distributor box with screened cables, per lamp separated mounted on a common terminal block in the cabinet. The terminal block is accessible from the inside of the room after removing the cover.

Curtain (optional)
Height e.g. 600mm. Fix installed polycarbonate curtain around the sterile air distributor. The CG frame can be removed every time without reinstallation of the fix installed curtain. Corners of the curtain are combined with special anodised aluminium profiles.

Potential Balance
The connection for the potential balance is mounted on the outside of the air distributor box.

Bordering Angle
The air distributor box has an integrated rotary connection angle for connecting the intermediate ceiling.