Gas Adsorption Filters

Available in a variety of formats, MANN+HUMMEL's gas adsorption filters utilise a variety of materials including the latest impregnated and activated carbons. Designed for the elimination of odours and toxic or harmful gases, these carbon filters provide the ideal solution for preserving comfort air, and protecting people and processes in cleanroom environments.

ScandSorb Eco C


ScandSorb Eco C is modular gas adsorption system, consisting of a filter media enclosed between outer and inner polypropylene cylinders.

The contaminated air is directed to pass through the gas filtration media with a low velocity to maximise the contact time. During contact with the media, which is usually an activated carbon, the gas molecules are either adsorbed or captured by chemisorption depending on the application.

ScandSorb Eco C is available with a wide variety of differing quality activated carbons to cover most applications.


  • Fully incinerable cassettes
    For simplified disposal
  • Low weight
    Easy to handle
  • Integrated centre guide
    For simple assembly
  • Available in a variety of activated carbons and mediums
    To suit most applications