Gas Adsorption Filters

Available in a variety of formats, MANN+HUMMEL's gas adsorption filters utilise a variety of materials including the latest impregnated and activated carbons. Designed for the elimination of odours and toxic or harmful gases, these carbon filters provide the ideal solution for preserving comfort air, and protecting people and processes in cleanroom environments.

AFP Process


AFP Process adsorption filters are applied where even small concentrations of gases in the air have an impact on the quality of products or assets.

Available in three media types (AA, AS and AZ), AFP Process filters feature a mini-pleated media integrated into a rigid header frame to fulfil the demands of industrial applications.

Such applications are typically found in the electronics industry, such as micro-electronics and semi-conductor production, as well as in the manufacture of optics, MEMS (micro-electrical-mechanical systems) or high-precision mechanical devices. Furthermore, AFP Process filters are ideally suited for protecting precious objects and artefacts in museums and libraries from the deteriorating effects of trace gases in the air.

AFP Process filters can be easily installed in standard fine dust filter frames.


  • Standard air flow 2500 m³/h
    Suitable for even the most demanding of applications
  • Low pressure drop
    Reduces energy consumption and lowers operating costs
  • Optimised flow design
    For low, stable pressure drop and homogenous air flow
  • Composite media
    No particle generation
  • Lightweight
    For simple filter change
  • Activated carbon media
    Designed specifically for process air applications
  • Large filter surface 10 m²
    For high efficiency and long service life
  • Both incinerable or non-flammable frame systems available
    For simple disposal and demanding applications
  • Fits standard air handling units
    For simple, low cost installation and switchover


Maximum Operating Temperature< 50 °C
Maximum Relative Humidity< 90%
Weight5.1 kg - 10.1 kg
Media FormatMini-Pleat
Media MaterialVarious
Frame MaterialHalogen-free polystyrene
Gasket MaterialPolyurethane