Fluff Separators

Fluff separators, installed in air ducts or suspended ceilings, efficiently remove fluff from exhaust air and eliminate downstream contamination.



Optiflu fluff separators are installed in operating theatres and other medical applications such as intensive care units for the efficient removal of fluff. Produced by scrubs, clothing and drapes, fluff can contaminate exhaust dust systems, create fire hazards and damage or block air handling unit components.

Designed for installation in the duct, wall or intermediate ceiling, Optiflu consist of three parts, all constructed from stainless steel 1.4301:

  • Gas-tight, welded holding frame connected to the exhaust air duct
  • Fluff separator frame consisting of a rigid profile pipe and a stainless steel fabric mesh
  • Perforated protection plate to prevent damage to the fluff separator fabric

The gas-tight, welded fluff separator frame is easily removed without tools and can be sterilised up to 134 °C, whilst the fabric conforms to DIN 16611. The perforated protection plate has knobs for simplified handling.


  • Pursuant to ÖNORM H6020
  • Highest separator performance
    Due to a special fine stainless steel fabric (1.4301) mesh width: 250 μm max.; wire thickness: 50 μm max.
  • Maximum stability
    Because of a stainless steel frame insert (1.4301) made from tightwelded moulded tube
  • Ultimate resilience
    Enables steam sterilisation using temperatures of up to 134° C
  • Highest separator fabric protection
    Due to perforated stainless steel sheet cover (1.4301)
  • Very simple connection with air duct system
    Based on an exact manufactured holding frame made of stainless steel (1.4301)
  • Required air volume regulation
    By a blade volume control damper


Mesh Width (maximum)250 µm
Wire Size (maximum)50 µm
Maximum Sterilisation Temperature134 °C
MaterialStainless Steel (1.4301)