Air Filter Media

As the heart of any filtration system, filter media is integral to the overall performance of the air handling unit, and choosing the correct media can dramatically improve the pressure drop, efficiency and life of a filter system. Predominantly used in the HVAC sector, replacement air filter media (combined with reloadable filter frames) is a cost effective solution to preassembled air filters. With a massive range of media pads, mats and rolls available, we are unable to detail all of the options that MANN+HUMMEL supply here, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Synsafe is a high quality air filter media with excellent dust holding performance. Available in filter classes G2 – M5, Synsafe Media is intended for the coarse and fine filtration of supply and exhaust air in a number of environments.

Constructed from synthetic fibres, Synsafe Media features a progressive structure where the density of the filter mat gradually increases with the depth of the material. This prevents early surface clogging of the filter material and results in high dust holding capacity and long service life.

Synsafe Media is mechanically and thermally bonded, so that the structure and properties of the filter material are retained even under difficult operating and climatic conditions.

Furthermore, Synsafe Media has a high resistance to mechanical stresses, reducing the risk of damage on installation in ceiling frames and wire cages.


  • High performance synthetic fibres
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Progressive density
  • Robust and durable
  • Filter classes G2-M5
  • Mechanically and termall bonded