Air Filter Housings

MANN+HUMMEL produces a wide variety of air filter housings and filter frames suitable for a diverse range of applications. From simple mounting frames that ensure your filters are held securely in place, to housings that allow the safe change of air filters in nuclear applications, we can provide you with the necessary equipment to ensure that your system performs at the optimum level.



Unipak is a safe-change containment system developed for the installation of high efficiency (HEPA) air filters in air intake and extract applications. Particularly suited for extract systems handling contaminated air, Unipak helps to protect maintenance staff and the surrounding environment from contamination when the filters are changed.

The Unipak system is a modular design based on standard pre-filter and final filter housings. They are available as canisters for installation in ductwork systems, or as containment systems manufactured by linking a number of housings together with inlet and outlet headers. Systems can be designed to customers specifications or supplied as individual housings for installation in a customers existing system if required.

Unipak systems have been proven to meet stringent requirements on the quality of air being supplied to, or extracted from, process areas in environmentally critical applications over many years. These include nuclear power generation, nuclear fuel reprocessing, biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


  • Modular design 
    Allows flexible system configuration and air flow capacity
  • Integrated filter sealing faces 
    Ensure high degree of flatness
  • All units pressure or vacuum tested upon request
    For assured performance
  • Connecting flanges pre-drilled ready for ductwork systems
    For simplified installation
  • Unique cam locking mechanism 
    Prevents access door(s) from being closed unless the filters are sealed
  • Twin stainless steel cam bars 
    Accurately position filters and provide even gasket compression
  • Circular containment systems available 
    For use with circular absolute filters