Air Filter Housings

MANN+HUMMEL produces a wide variety of air filter housings and filter frames suitable for a diverse range of applications. From simple mounting frames that ensure your filters are held securely in place, to housings that allow the safe change of air filters in nuclear applications, we can provide you with the necessary equipment to ensure that your system performs at the optimum level.



GDM air filter housings are standard module constructed casings, designed to fit all MANN+HUMMEL bag filters, all types of compact filters and most carbon filter cassettes.

With a modular design for seamless integration with existing systems, GDM is constructed from galvanised steel as standard, but is also available in both stainless and epoxy coated steel. An air-tight side access and inspection door simplifies installation, maintenance and removal, whilst pressure connections for examining the pressure drop of the unit allows at-a-glance monitoring of the system’s performance.


  • Modular design
    For seamless integration with a variety of operational environments
  • Parallelogram securing system
    Ensures absolutely air tight filter installation
  • Constructed from galvanised steel
    For excellent strength and rigidity
  • Side access and inspection door
    Simplifies filter install and maintenance
  • Compatible with the entire product range G3 – F9 and most carbon filters
    For simple installation and utmost flexibility