Clean Room

We offer different services in our locations. Please contact us for further questions.

Thanks to our wide experience we are able to deliver the full solution and not only a product or system.

We provide you with the expertise for product development, manufacturing and installation, but also with a complete range of clean room services to ensure the quality, function and on-time implementation of their clean room. Furthermore, with MANN+HUMMEL's service teams and supervisors we are able to offer these assistance worldwide.

Due to our long-standing experience we provide you with the following clean room services to make the realization of their system as smooth a process as possible:

  • Full installation of operating theatre ceilings and the customized laminar flow systems
  • Air velocities, volumes and exchange rates 
  • Clean room classification
  • Filter system integrity measurements 
  • Recovery test (recovery time, flushing time) 
  • Pressure differences, temperature and relative humidity 
  • Sound pressure level and luminous intensity 
  • Microbiological bacterial count determinations in the air and on surfaces 
  • Flow visualization
  • Determining the degree of protection
  • Turbulence intensity