ScandMist - for clean and safe workshop environments

Industrial processes generate pollutants which are dangerous to human health and impact the quality of the produced parts

Our advantages

  • Install & Forget
    - Reduce downtime of machines
    - Provide valuable production time
    - Increase availability of Production machines
    - No cleaning/maintenace downtimes
    - Service only once or twice per year

  • Savings in operation cost with energy-efficient EC motors in combination with closed loop controller

  • Best-in-class long time high separation efficiency

  • Input signals for communication with CNC machine (e.g. switch on signal)

  • Output signals for predictive maintenance

  • Easy "Plug&Play" installation due to standard industry plugs

  • Save of recycle costs through re-use of drained coolants

  • Save of heating costs due to the supply of clean exhaust air into the working area


Our services

We help you comply with regulations by reviewing your equipment and preparing an air quality report. In addition, our high performance system is compatible with your new or existing ventilation system (according to your requirements). We also provide you with accompanying devices such as frequency converters, oil pump boxes and pressure transmitters.

Measuring the efficiency
of your existing filter system

Determining the air quality
in your system

Designing an oil mist system
tailored to your requirements

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