New: Nanoclass Cube Pro Membrane

Optimal protection against viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms

For use in the second filter stage

With our Nanoclass Cube Pro Membrane your HVAC system will be a highly efficient air purification machine, filtering out virtually all traces of viruses, bacteria and contaminants. Thanks to its low operating pressure drop you can install it within your existing system without changing the facility parameters. Thanks to its standardized EN 15806 dimensions it fits most systems without the need for a system conversion. In one easy step you can attain air purity levels usually seen only in cleanrooms or pharmaceutical production facilities. 



  • Offers the highest separation efficiency at half the operating pressure difference compared to conventional HEPA* air filter media based on micro glass fiber technology
  • Its robust and moisture resistant construction gives longevity and great value for money
  • Fire protection standards meet regulations EN 15423 or VDI 3803-4
  • Provides total protection against viruses even in circulation mode
  • Thanks to the low operating pressure difference, no changes to the system parameters are necessary
  • Standardized dimensions allow for use in virtually any system


Technical Data

Filter ClassH131
Dimensions592x592x292 mm
Air Flow Rate3.400 m3/h
Pressure Drop225 Pa

1 according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

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