Airpocket Eco

Capture larger particles

For use in the second filter stage

With the Airpocket Eco ePM10 you get a sleek air filter change with a HEPA* filter H13 replacement, that has outstanding energy efficiency credentials. Its multi-layer structure and built-in prefilter, Airpocket Eco is the perfect companion for HVAC HEPA* filters. Its high removal efficiency captures larger particles to protect the downstream HEPA*. While its extremely low pressure drop means Airpocket Eco achieves the highest A+ energy rating and minimizes the power consumption of the entire HVAC system.

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  • Unveiled at the ISH fair in Frankfurt this collection features a range of air filter upgrades. The A+ rated Airpocket Eco ePM10 70% is accompanied by three A rated products – the Airpocket Pro ePM1 60%, Airpocket Eco ePM10 50% and the Airpocket Eco ePM1 85%, so you can choose the right filter for your needs
  • Certified by the Swedish P-marking system, which guarantees long-term continued performance in particle separation. These bag filters complement a range of air heating and cooling systems with different filter classes
  • Offering assured energy efficiency that reduces running costs and contributes to your business’ sustainability remit


Technical Data

Filter ClassePM1 65%1 / F72
Dimensions592x592x635 mm
Number of Pockets10
Air Flow Rate3.400 m3/h
Pressure Drop65 Pa
Energy Consumption840 kWh/year
Energy ClassA+

1According to ISO 16890 2According to EN 779

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822


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