HEPA filter replacement for HVAC systems

Upgrade your HVAC system with HEPA air filter now! ✅Keep your indoor air virus-free ✅Easy HEPA air filter replacement ✅No additional running costs!

Get clean air for a virus-free workplace – with no additional running costs

In the current Corona pandemic, the adapted operation of ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings and the selection of appropriate air filters is crucial - especially for the coming winter season, when people will be spending more time in closed rooms. Find out how a simple HVAC filter replacement can purify the air. We have the answer to a healthy, virus-free environment.

  • Upgrade your HVAC system without reconfiguration, for maximum protection– even in recirculation mode.
  • Comply with all safety requirements, especially fire protection codes according to EN 15423 and VDI 3803-4.
  • Energy costs remain at the level of previous consumption.

Replace the air filter to optimize air quality

Increase your air filter efficiency with an Air Filter Upgrade to HEPA level

We know that running a business or public-facing workplace is tough at the moment. You are doing everything you can to keep your colleagues and customers safe, but you are also facing financial constraints. Which is why our HEPA* air filter replacement consisting of the best HEPA* filters is a game-changer.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, installing an HVAC air filter replacement to adapt your ventilation and air conditioning systems is crucial. As winter approaches and we spend more time indoors, we are exposed to a greater concentration of aerosols in the air. These aerosols transport viruses, bacteria and contaminants. A simple HVAC filter replacement will tackle these aerosols and keep your environment healthy.

Protect your customers, team and visitors with our new HEPA* filter with ePTFE membrane media. It is proven in cleanroom environments, but developed for use in HVAC systems in normal buildings too. The H13 filter separates more than 99.95% of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

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Meet the simple air filter replacements for a healthy space

Combined with your existing HVAC system, our impeccably designed HEPA* type filters extract harmful particulates from your indoor air and allow only clean, healthy air to circulate back into the space.

  • The Airpocket Eco ePM10 captures larger particles to protect the downstream HEPA* filter. Following rigorous laboratory testing this filter was rated A+ by the Eurovent energy rating system for energy efficiency. It is a high-performance, energy efficient HVAC filter replacement, benefiting the planet as well as your finances and health. 
  • The innovative new Nanoclass Cube Pro Membrane offers the highest separation efficiency at half the operating pressure difference compared to conventional HEPA* air filter efficiency based on micro glass fiber technology.

Both offer optimal efficiency, saving you running costs and keeping your building’s air in top condition. Used together they make a powerful upgrade to your existing HVAC system.


HEPA* filter replacement: Benefits at a glance

  • Upgrade without reconfiguration
  • Energy costs remain at the level of previous consumption
  • Supply air quality at clean-room level
  • Helps protect and safely operate buildings and people inside buildings
  • Compliance with all safety requirements, especially fire protection codes according to EN 15423

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Before and after you optimized your system

Conventional SystemPrefilter: Typical Bag FilterFinal Filter: Typical Bag FilterSystem Total
Filter ClassePM1 60%ePM1 80%ePM1 90%
Pressure Drop @ 3.400m3/h120 Pa180 Pa300 P


Optimized SystemPrefilter: Airpocket EcoFinal Filter: Nanoclass Cube Pro MembraneSystem Total
Filter ClassePM1 65%H13H13
Pressure Drop @ 3.400 m3/h65 Pa225 Pa290 Pa
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How does a HEPA filter work, and what is HEPA filtration?

How do HEPA* filters work? Our specially designed HEPA* filtration system removes 99.95% of harmful bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms from the air, reducing the risk of COVID-19 circulating in your building. Cleverly engineered to capture even the tiniest of particles, the HEPA* filter is constructed from layers of fine fibers and binders. Harmful material sticks in this mesh and is taken out of circulation, leaving just clean, healthy air to go back into your room. 

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Concerned about the air filter change cost?

The air filter replacement cost is still a cheaper option than buying a standalone H13 HEPA* filter air purifier as you are simply adapting rather than replacing your HVAC system. And once you have replaced the air purifier filters there are no additional expenses after you’ve paid the HVAC filter replacement cost. So you can have peace of mind, with the minimal financial investment of the air filter change cost. 

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Why HEPA filters?

If you are wondering why HEPA* filters – particularly the H13 filter – are so important, the answer comes from the German federal organization for occupational safety and health (the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin). They recommend HEPA* filters as the ideal air solutions for your heating and cooling system in recirculation mode. 

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

How often should an HVAC filter be changed?

How do you know when to change a HEPA* filter air purifier? You’ve got your new anti-viral HVAC filter, how often should you change it? 

  • There is no single, definitive answer to this question as it will depend on the space and how long the HVAC is used each day. The HVAC filter location will primarily affect how often it needs changing
  • As a general guide for HEPA* filter replacement, frequently used industrial HEPA filters in high dirt areas need to be checked every 90 days
  •  In less high use areas HEPA* filters must be replaced every 9-12 months.
  •  The best solution is to look at the filter itself. If it’s dirty, full of dust and you can’t see the actual filter clearly then it’s time for an HVAC filter change
  • Take advice from the manufacturer about specific HVAC filter replacement frequency. Some may offer a HVAC filter replacement service
  • If you’re doing your own upkeep, build this into your usual HVAC maintenance schedule to ensure you get optimum performance and virus-free air
  • If you’re considering replacing your HVAC system think first about whether a simple air filter upgrade to an H13 HEPA* filter would work instead 

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Do HEPA filters work?

Does a HEPA* air purifier work? Yes!

  • In Germany, the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends the use of HEPA* filters in recirculation mode to reduce the risk of transmission of infections 
  • Research shows that a conventional HVAC system removes 90% of ~1 μm particles, while an optimized HEPA* system removes 99.95% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms
  • If you replace the air filter with an H13 filter it’s worth not just considering the HEPA* filter cost – you’re actually investing in clean, healthy air for your colleagues and customers.

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822

Who makes HEPA filters?

To meet the European standard a HEPA* filter system must extract 99.95% of particles from the air. Which means not all HVAC filters are HEPA* filters. Some are designed for industrial HVAC units and others, like a HEPA* filter replacement vacuum, are for domestic use. The HEPA* filter price will vary according to the manufacturer and whether you’re buying a small unit or industrial HEPA* filter.

Several manufacturers sell different types of HEPA* air filtration products and you can buy HEPA* filters online. It’s vital to check that these carry the correct safety and performance certifications. At MANN+HUMMEL our HEPA* air filter replacement products undergo stringent tests and meet the highest European safety standards.

Put ‘Change air conditioner filter on the HVAC system’ at the top of your safety checklist and let our H13 HEPA* air filter do the hard work for you. Proven to be effective in regular buildings as well as cleanrooms thanks to the impeccable HEPA* filter efficiency, a HEPA* air purifier is the simple solution you need for virus-free air. For the best protection combine our two anti-viral H13 HEPA* air filter replacements to upgrade your HVAC system.

* according to ISO 29463 and EN 1822