HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

HEPA* (High Effciency Particulate Air) filters are used for airborne contamination control and are classified H14 according to ISO 29463 and the EN 1822 standard. The individually tested HEPA H14 filters capture > 99.995% of viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms, typically in the size range of 0.1 µm – around the size of many types of viruses.


HEPA* filters are used for a wide range of different applications, but typically focus on serving three broad purposes:

    To create a clean environment inside a room by removing harmful or dangerous particulate from the incoming air flow.
    To ensure that the air leaving a room is clean and safe, and does not pose a threat to the wider environment.
    To prevent the spread of contamination through the ventilation system.

We recommend changing the filter before restarting the air-conditioning/ventilation system if it has been switched off for a long time during the corona pandemic.

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*according to ISO 29463 and EN1822