Medical Practice

Provide virus-free air as part of your service

Do not keep your patients away because of COVID-19

Have your patients feel safe during their visit

Fewer people have gone to medical practices for smaller medical examinations in recent months to avoid infection with Sars-CoV-2. Even though tougher hygiene protocals have been implemented and followed in medical practices to ensure safety, many people refrained from visiting medical institutions if it wasn´t urgently necessary.

Make sure your patients can take their routine examinations regularly,  feeling comfortable visiting your practice without having to fear an infection with COVID-19.  In addition to distance and hygiene rules, implement the right measures in your practice and take away the worry of infection from your staff, patients and yourself. Professional contamination control using certified HEPA filters can make a major contribution to the long-term success of your practice and minimize health and business risks.

Mobile air cleaners with HEPA* H14 filters or HEPA upgrades for your HVAC system

Try  OurAir SQ (for larger spaces up to 200 m2 per unit) or OurAir TK (for smaller spaces up to 70 m2 per unit), our new plug-and-play stand-alone air cleaning systems for anti-viral purified air. If it is in addition to your HEPA* upgraded air conditioning system or as an isolated solution, MANN+HUMMEL is your competent partner to find the right solution and system configuration for your specific challenge.

Note: OurAir SQ and TK are not medical devices and thus not certified as such. The devices primarily serve occupational safety, not patient protection. They safely remove particles and aerosols from the ambient air, nevertheless, the systems have no therapeutic benefit.

*according to ISO 29463 and EN1822

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