Save costs. Ensure safety.


The challenge

A new wave of urbanization, as cities become larger and more densely populated, is exposing water reservoirs to greater levels of airborne contaminants. Combustion products from transportation and incineration plants, heavy metals, lead, pollen, spores, fungus, and more, all swirl around the air immediately outside the reservoir.

When the water level in a reservoir sinks, this outside air is sucked into the tank along with all the accompanying pollutants. These pollutants cover the water surface and inside walls of the reservoir – potentially spreading through the water pipes to the end users.

At the same time, recent terror events have highlighted the potential risk of sabotage in connection with easily-accessible water reservoirs.

Water suppliers face the significant responsibility of ensuring continuity of supply in case of attack or periods of high air pollution. But the question is how to safeguard water supplies without escalating energy costs and placing undue pressure on the pumping system?


The solution

Airing filters from MANN+HUMMEL provide complete protection for water tanks. Installed on the airing pipe, our reservoir filter housings deliver HEPA filtration to remove particles down to sub-micron in size. We regularly employ the same type of filter at civil defense and military establishments as protection against radioactive contamination, chemical and biological substances.

Using our decades of experience in high-efficiency air filtration, our water reservoir filters provide maximum life and low pressure drop performance. So you have ultimate protection in an energy efficient design that won’t put a strain on your other equipment.