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The challenge

No matter where it is located, it's likely that your gas turbine will face a variety of different types of contaminant. Your air intake system will be designed to capture this contaminant, but is it removing enough of the pollutants to protect the turbine? And is it doing it in the most efficient way possible? Or is it actually hampering the overall performance of the engine?

Most GT air intakes employ a multi-stage filtration system that’s effective at removing larger contaminant but is unable to capture the finer particulate that now circulate around many power plants and industrial facilities. This finer dust passes through the filtration system and reaches the engine. Here it causes fouling to the turbine blades and inhibits the performance of the GT. To remedy this, the engine must be shut down, the blades cleaned and repairs carried out to any other parts that have been fouled or corroded. And with the turbine out of action, you may be unable to exploit any unexpected peaks in demand.

Unfortunately, avoiding this costly downtime is not as simple as just installing an air intake system with the highest possible particle removal efficiency. A filter system that is unnecessarily high will choke the air flow, raising the differential pressure of the intake system and compromising the performance of the turbine.

So, designing the optimum air intake system for a gas turbine means finding the perfect balance between air cleanliness and flow.


The solution

Designing the optimum gas turbine air intake system means finding the perfect balance between air cleanliness and flow. That is why we focus our product development on three things – filtration efficiency, differential pressure and turbine safety. For each of these aspects, we have a product line-up that is unrivalled.

This is from working closely with gas turbine operators for nearly 50 years. And is why we have been able to pioneer many new technologies, such as filters that combine particle removal and water separation – often enabling you to remove a filter stage and drastically cut the pressure drop of the system. Or final stage filter elements that capture submicron contaminant, which can cause fouling and corrosion of the engine components. Many of our filters also feature industry-leading burst pressures, so you can be sure that you will never have to cope with the damage that a failed filter can cause.

And when it comes to balancing all these elements together, we can analyze your exact operating conditions and design the perfect filter system for your gas turbine – so you have maximum performance exactly when you need it.

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