Gas Turbine Filters

High quality gas turbine filters with excellent performance in a wide range of environmental conditions.



Designed for use in the harshest of environments, Pulsatex pulse jet filters are built to withstand high levels of dust loading and provide protection to gas turbines across the world. Thanks to the self-cleaning, pulse jet capacity, Pulsatex combines consistant performance with a low cost of ownership.

Available in cylindrical or conical formats, Pulsatex can be used individually or combined for higher air flows and dust holding capacities. Furthermore, with three media types and a range of dimensions, Pulsatex provides excellent flexibility to meet the exact requirements of gas turbine operators no matter what their operating environment or existing systems.


  • Pleatlock uniform pleat spacing
    For maximum life and minimum airflow restriction
  • Available in a wide range of media types
    Ensures uniform pleat spacing and maximum dust holding capacity
  • Galvanised expanded steel inner and outer sleeves
    Support the media pack and protect the media from damage
  • Pleats secured to the outer sleeves by hotmelt beads
    Maintains even pleat spacing and prevents movement during pulse cleaning
  • Galvanised steel end caps
    For lifetime rust resistance
  • Chemical-cured polyurethane pleat and end cap bonding system
    Eliminates air bypass and provides maximum structional strength



Filter Media MaterialBlend / Blend FR / Blend/NF / Synthetic
Height660 mm
Outside Diameter324 mm
Inside Diameter212 mm
Gasket Inside Diameter255 mm
Bolt Hole Diameter13,5 mm
Filtration Area21 m²
Nominal Air Flow Capacity1153 m³/hr
Nominal Air/Media Velocity0,015 m/sec
Liner JointWelded



Filter Media MaterialBlend / Blend FR / Blend/NF / Synthetic
Height660 mm
Outside Diameter445 mm / 324 mm
Inside Diameter330 mm / 212 mm
Gasket Inside Diameter402 mm
Bolt Hole Diametern/a
Filtration Area23 m²
Nominal Air Flow Capacity1200 m³/hr
Nominal Air/Media Velocity0,015 m/sec
Liner JointWelded


Technical Data

Nominal Resistance< 25 mmwg
Filter Class (EN 779)F9
Operating Temperature-29 °C to +66 °C
Operating Relative Humidity100%



StandardSpot welded
On RequestMechanical lock