Service Companies

Save costs. Maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.


The challenge

You can buy a cheap filter from practically anywhere. But will a cheap filter help you maximize the return on your contract? Your filter spend is probably quite a low cost proportionally – especially when compared with things like labor and transportation. So, cutting corners on the filter you buy will probably not deliver all that much benefit overall. And it may mean you miss out on ways to simplify your filter procurement, reduce on-site workload and help you meet your clients’ KPIs.

A cheap air filter could even end up harming your reputation and relationships with key accounts.

With air pollution in the news virtually every day, awareness of air quality is increasing all the time. Customers expect their filtration system to do more than just protect other parts of the HVAC system and provide defense for the occupants of their building too. Air quality monitors are now readily available and highly accurate. Their emergence demonstrates this increasing interest in air pollution and also makes it much easier for users to quickly identify any air quality issues.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL provides the full range of HVAC air filters. But our offering for service companies goes further than this to provide a variety of ways that can help you extract maximum value from your contracts. These include dedicated pricing schemes for service companies – such as fixed-term and contract-specific pricing, which make it easy to re-order and keep track of your filter spend.

Our filter maps simplify procurement and drastically cut down on on-site workload. With this service, we record the filter requirements of each air handling unit that you manage in our ERP system. When it’s time to replace filters, you can order a single filter; all the filters in an air handling unit (AHU); all primary or secondary filters; or a complete system change-out with just a single-line reference. Products are packaged together by AHU and labelled to show exactly where each carton needs to be.

We can also review your filter requirement and standardize the filter configuration across a certain area. This will optimize the energy consumption and air quality in the building, and further simplify on-site workload, stockholding and administration.

In addition to all of the above, our filters come backed by membership of the Eurovent quality assurance program, which independently tests our fine dust products. So you can be confident that our air filters will perform to the high standards that we say they will.