Ensure safety. Save costs and on-site workload.


The challenge

Worldwide demand for energy is increasing at almost the same rate as support for fossil fuels is falling. Offering large-scale, dependable supply of electricity, nuclear is viewed by many as the best alternative to fossil fuels for base-load energy supply – with perhaps public concerns over safety the main stumbling block for wider deployment.

We often speak of the catastrophic impact of a failed filter. And certainly, depending on the application, a filter that allows contaminant to bypass to the downstream can result in damage costing millions to rectify, harm the environment or cause loss of life. When it comes to the nuclear power industry, you can multiply these effects by a factor of 100 or more.

The air filtration system of a nuclear power plant is complex and extensive – there to protect plant employees, the general public and the wider environment from radioactive particle and gases generated by the reactor. Each part of the complex and extensive air cleaning system is strictly regulated, with only thoroughly tried-and-tested equipment considered. Only a few filter manufacturers have the resources and experience necessary to deliver this level of quality assurance.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL has decades of experience serving the nuclear power industry. Our range of filtration solutions prevent the accidental release of radioactive airborne pollutants, and the high cost of shutdown and decontamination.

We provide the full range for nuclear power air filtration. Our range of HEPA and ULPA filters are available in all the most common types – panel, deep pleat, compact, circular, etc. Our gas-phase filters remove harmful gaseous pollutants. And our well-proven safe change housings allow contamination-free filter change to protect frontline employees.

All our nuclear products are tested and certified according to the relevant standards – such as EN 1822 for high efficiency air filters. And our quality assurance is backed a 1000-strong research and development team.