Protect the engines and components. Maximize efficiency.


The challenge

Ship engines and turbines have to operate in some of the harshest environments on Earth – conditions probably more challenging than faced by any other engine. Your vessels could face dry, dusty, hot air and freezing, salty environments in the same journey.

But, none of that matters in commercial shipping. Punctuality and continuity are king. So your air intake system must be capable of protecting the high performance turbines and engines from all the sea can throw at it. That means removing both large and fine water droplets, microscopic salt crystals, coarse dust, debris, ice and much more.

If the marine air intake system is not up to the job, contaminant will foul turbine blades and engine parts, inhibiting performance and efficiency. Over time, this build-up of dirt and salts will corrode the engine, potentially leading to premature failure, downtime and costly repairs.


The solution

Marine filtration solutions from MANN+HUMMEL help you prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating engines, engine compartments and HVAC systems. We’ve designed our marine air intake products on the basis of decades of experience working closely with commercial shipping companies and shipyards.

You sail anywhere in the world. Your business is global, so you need a support infrastructure that’s global too. MANN+HUMMEL has more than 80 locations around the globe. We can be there when you need support, replacement parts or guidance on maximizing the performance of your air intake system.

We provide a one-stop shop for all the marine filtration products you could ever need – covering supply air for diesel engines and gas turbines, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Our product range is designed to meet the needs of modern shipping – ensuring smooth and reliable operation while maximizing efficiency – all within the usual constraints of space and weight requirements.