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The challenge

Home is where we feel safest and most relaxed. But home isn’t always as safe as we think. Indoor air quality is typically two to five times worse than air pollution outside. That’s because outdoor air pollution enters through open doors and windows or other means of ventilation, and becomes trapped inside. Here it mixes with pollutants emitted by furniture, paints, adhesives, cleaning products, people and countless other sources to create an indoor environment packed with harmful contaminants. One of the favored ways to meet new building regulations and increase energy efficiency is to increase the air tightness of homes. With ventilation rates lowered, the problem of trapped contaminants is compounded – with fresh air unable to refresh stale, pollutant-laden air.

Internal air pollution is also much more likely to be inhaled by a human, which is why significantly more deaths are attributed to indoor air than outdoor.

Doing something about the indoor air pollution threat in homes is not always easy. While most commercial buildings are constructed with HVAC systems from the start, the vast majority of homes are not. That means different approaches must be taken to protect the inhabitants of residential buildings.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL has been a filtration expert for over 75 years. It’s what we do. Although there are many air purifiers on the market, our range of air cleaning devices are backed by a long history of cleaning the air in all different types of environment.

We’ve used this knowledge in developing a range of products for the home that fit around modern family life. Air quality monitors continuously measure the level of contaminant within an indoor environment and combine this with specialist data on the area immediately outside a building. This data is presented in our easy-to-use app, so you know when to take action. And when you do need to take steps to protect those people in your home, our range of air purifiers provide effective defense against contaminant using the latest filter technology.