Protect children and staff. Boost student performance. Save costs.


The challenge

Research has shown that children are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of air pollution. That means, in addition to knowledge, many children leave school with health complaints that will last them a lifetime, such as asthma.

Studies have found that air quality can have an impact on student performance while they are at school too. High levels of pollutants and poor air flow can impede concentration and mental acuity, with poor indoor air quality having a direct relationship with poor test results. Teachers and other staff are also at risk. Poor indoor air quality can increase sickness and absence significantly, while also damaging morale.

From a logistical perspective, schools and universities are often in older buildings with limited opportunities to retrofit the air handling unit. This mean that the filter system is often outdated and unsuitable for the type of air pollutants that it now faces, or it is consuming more energy than is required.


The solution

MANN+HUMMEL filtration solutions provide education facilities with complete defense against airborne contaminant. Our air filters create healthier and safer indoor learning environments, enabling students and teachers to perform to their full potential.

Where budget is always a primary consideration, our air filters are designed to balance the optimum particle separation efficiency with the lowest possible energy demand. This means you will minimize your energy consumption without compromising on safe air quality. Our experts can also survey your facility and design the perfect filtration system for your individual environment.

Where space is a concern or construction work is impossible, we have a number of innovative filter designs that allow you to employ different filter types without the need to retrofit. For example, our combined particle filtration and gas adsorption filters allow you to capture dust, odors and hazardous gases without having to add an additional filter stage.