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We are your OEM development partner

Being the world's leader in filtration there is nothing we don`t know about separating the useful from the harmful. Yet in our 75 years of filtration history, we have also built up outstanding expertise in other areas, including technical plastic parts which are essential when it comes to filtration and air duct systems designed to fit into smallest installation space.

We have been a key development partner of automotive OEMs for decades and have sucessfully transferred our development know-how and competence to other industries. Our OEM customers in the home appliances market can benefit from our exceptional filtration expertise, superior production technology, global footprint, industry-leading design and testing capabilities. Based on your requirements we will develop the optimum filtration solution with you and for you, in particular for indoor air purifiers, residential ventilation systems, kitchen hoods, vacuum cleaners and more applications.


Your benefits:

  • Customized solutions from the world's leader in filtration
  • Superior technology for air filtration and gas adsorption
  • Large range of filter media options, including synthetic, nanofibers, activated carbon and PTFE membranes
  • System know how and deep experience with technical plastic parts
  • In-house testing, simulation and validation
  • Copy protection solutions which support your aftermarket business
  • Global footprint


More information

We offer filters for different home appliances

Indoor Air Purifiers

  • Available in a variety of filter media and activated carbon combinations
  • Captures the most common and harmful indoor pollutants – including PM2.5, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ozone, hydrocarbons, bacteria, cigarette smoke and odors
  • With its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial layer, the FreciousComfort technology prevents germ growth and inactivates free allergens and thus protects effectively against allergies and asthma

  • Filters available for mobile air purifiers and residential ventilation systems in all different forms and specifications

Kitchen Hoods

  • High-quality solutions from gas adsorption experts
  • Advanced adsorption technologies specifically target key odors, such as meat and fish
  • Premium activated carbon layers for best results
  • Pleated filters provide strong adsorption performance, while minimizing energy consumption and noise
  • Low pressure drop

  • Flexible panel filter construction

Vacuum Cleaners

  • Customized design solutions that enable optimum performance, user-friendly handling and brand-specific esthetics
  • Filter media and elements with optimum pressure drop for safe, efficient and energy-saving operation
  • Tailor-made filter media for industrial and domestic vacuum cleaners
  • Diverse copy protection solutions

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