Revo II 5 x A

Monday - 03 April 2017

Wednesday - 27th February 2013

It may have only been with us six months, but Revo II has already been treated to an upgrade that ensures it remains firmly ahead of the competition. And ahead it genuinely is. Changes to both the media material and pocket design mean that Revo II becomes the first synthetic filter on the market to offer A-rated energy efficiency for each of the filter grades M5 to F9. Thus, choosing Revo II will provide the highest level of energy efficiency no matter what air cleanliness the application requires.

A filter consumes energy by creating resistance against the air flow being generated by a ventilation fan. The greater the resistance; the greater the demand placed upon the fan and the more energy consumed. Revo II reduces this resistance to new levels via two key changes.

For filter classes M5 and M6, Revo II boasts a brand new media developed in Vokes Air’s Swedish facility that provides unsurpassed pressure drop performance as well as high efficiency levels. Meanwhile, the F7 to F9 Revo II’s combine an improved filter media with an enhanced pocket design to further reduce pressure drop and improve overall energy efficiency.

R&D Director Thomas Carlsson explains “When first launched, Revo II provided a real step-up in terms of performance, but we were not satisfied as we felt the core design had even more to offer.  We developed our own media in-house and this provided the breakthrough to better energy efficiency and an A rating at all grades.”

Crucially, this enhanced pressure drop performance does not come at the expense of filtration efficiency. A key feature of Revo II is its high efficiency levels at all stages of operating life, and this latest revision retains this performance and certification to EN 779:2012.

George Black, CEO adds “This is a perfect demonstration of our continual drive to provide ever-greater value for our customers and lead where others follow. Revo II was only launched relatively recently, but our own innovations and in-house expertise have allowed us to develop a truly market-leading product.”

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