The improved pocket filter Airpocket Eco ePM10 50%

Thursday - 07 May 2020

The improved pocket filter Airpocket Eco ePM10 50% reduces energy consumption by 15 percent

  • Improved pocket filter, Airpocket Eco ePM10 50% according to ISO 16890
  • Unique position in energy class A+ among ePM10 50% pocket filters
  • Air filters for air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • 15 percent lower energy consumption than predecessor product
  • 12 percent lower initial pressure drop than predecessor product
  • Leading in terms of overall operating costs

Ludwigsburg/Sprockhövel, 07. May 2020. MANN+HUMMEL is launching a new pocket filter, the Airpocket Eco ePM10 50%. This new filter which is tested according to ISO 16890, has been designed to provide long service life even with high dust loads. Thanks to a new fiber mixture of a synthetic material and a progressive media structure, it has a unique selling point with an A+ energy rating. It is the only air filter with the highest Eurovent energy class at comparable filtration efficiency (according to the recent publication on 16.04.2020). In this position, it replaces its predecessor from the MANN+HUMMEL product portfolio, which was already the market leader in terms of energy efficiency with an A rating. Compared to the predecessor, the Airpocket Eco ePM10 50% consumes 15 percent less energy, according to Eurovent 4/21-2018. This creates a price advantage as the energy costs at roughly 70% represent the largest part of the total operating costs. In addition, using its 4 bags, this filter reduces the initial differential pressure by 12 percent in contrast to other solutions available on the market which require 6 to 10 bags for an A rating. With the Airpocket Eco ePM10 50% A+, MANN+HUMMEL offers an exhaust air filter which treats air streams with high dust concentrations at a low cost. It is thus far ahead of other solutions on the market when looking at total operating costs.

By using energy-efficient air filters, the air condition operator can decrease the operating costs significantly. MANN+HUMMEL’s range for an entire ventilation system, that includes supply and exhaust air filters, offers numerous energy-saving solutions which are leading in the field of energy efficiency. These include the ePM10 50% and ePM10 70% with an A+ rating from the Airpocket Eco line as well as the ePM1 50% and the ePM1 60% with an A+ classification for the Aircube Eco compact filters. 

Details about MANN+HUMMEL air filtration products are offered here.

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Sabine Wagner
Marketing Specialist Life Sciences & Environment | Air Filtration
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Manager Corporate Relations | Spokesperson